14 April 2012

Lovely Liebster award in a busy week

....and the Oscar goes to....

Ok, it's not Oscar, but I've got a so called Liebster award this week :)) Received it from my one and only Miss Betty Boop (Little Miss Twiggy):)
This award is given to up and coming blogs, having less then 200 followers...so my baby blog is very proud for receiving it...
Thank you so much dear :*

The thing is... I have to give this award to someone else and list down 5 blogs I love to read, so here they are:

Congrats girls! :)

As I had such a busy week, I haven't write anything down for days, but you can imagine how it goes - get the papers, documents, photos (for US visa, all kinds of identification cards...), have drinks with your friends as much as you can while you're still 'at home', get all the things done before the last minute and so on...

'Till next time... Have a beautiful day and great night :)

Cheers to all of you! ;)

- great Croatian cocktail - Crocktail - enjoy...



  1. And now I'm proud of my little young blog :) lov ya <3

  2. Congratulations Princess T and Drama Queen, and thank you both for nominating me again ;)


  3. Congratulations and thanks gorgeous for nominating me, your a doll! And as always I continue to read your fab blog, and learn about the wonders of the world. Mwah xxx