13 May 2012

The Final Countdown

Less than 24 hours...

Crazy few days... :D
The only thing I was thinking about was how I  have to pack my whole life into a 50kg luggage?! :)
Luckily there were no problems... I did pack a lot, but still under 50kg, so I don't understand women who had packed over 70kg (and much more)!!! (yes there were some)
Make a list if you don't know any other way, take only the things you love the most and remember - you WILL be buying new clothes and shoes and you are NOT moving to another planet!(maybe they think they do) :)

At the end I've packed all those little reminders of home and my Very Important People...my oldest teddy bear, pics, favourite book, grandma's old ring, pearls that my parents bought me...littlest things that make me happy...
Speaking of which... :)

We had a little Goodbye Party yesterday at my place :D 
Lots of food, drinks, cake, good vibrations, a few tears, lots of smiling, singing, hugging, best wishes, presents...
Bestest friends in the whoooooooole wide world, all in one place - AMAZING! I'm so lucky to have them, wherever I go I know they will be there when I come Home (capital H)!
Enough words, I don't want to drown my keyboard in tears :D

Here are some pics from yesterday and some old ones - my friends and family - my support system - my Very Important People - my one and only...

 those tears I've mentioned above :D
 my beautiful brides to be...

 best cake I ever got from Mister M (yes, it's a HE not a SHE) :D
 oh yes, we really love bathtubs :D

 my lovely 'soon to be' roomie :D

 crazy family :))

A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more!

Have a good night, all of you out there...and wish me a safe flight(s) :D

Love T...


  1. And I just started crying... I don't even want to imagine how it will look like when we get to the airport... :,(

  2. I, I follow, I follow you...:* pictures are amazing just like your life and your friends... & now you are flying :) xoxo

  3. I am so jelous...please keep us posted! this is one of my dreams :) how old are you? maybe it sounds like a personal question, but how you will manage to do this? oh, hope you'll have so much fun! Following you :)


    1. really? did you applied? you should... i'm 25 (still young enough to say it honestly haha) I'm managing, and I will manage it one step at the time, day by day...cause it's worth it ;)

  4. We want new post Princess T!!!!!! You have been in Dubai 5 days already, so c'mon, plenty of experiences to post :D