28 February 2013

Ni Hao from Beijing!

Hello from Beijing!

Was waiting for some inspiration to hit me to write a post about my first visit to China, but then I've realized that you don't need inspiration when pictures say it all...


I'll just list a few facts that leaves you speechles about coming in this place...

China is one of the biggest countries on this planet which history dates back 3000 years!
Beijing which means the Northern Capital, or romainzed as Peking is the 20mil people big city.
Going for a tour on one of the most visited sights in the world!
Flying over the Himalayas and seeing second highest mountain in the world, the famous K2!
Think it's enough for the first time... :)


We went to the Great Wall of China early in the morning to avoid the crowd, it was a cold morning but sun was coming up so by the time we have arrived there it was a beautiful sunny winter day in the mountains...


Walking up and down the cca 2300years old wall we were trying to put ourselves in their shoes (which was pretty hard cause they have such a small shoes but anyway :)) and just enjoyed the peace and quiet, soaking up that winter rays of sun fulling our mental batteries and still not believing we are actually HERE standing on the one of the 7 wonders of the world!


The construction is believed to be visible from the space, so we just waved hello to all those small E.T.ies out there :)


After an hour and a half of walking along the (apparently) 21000 kilometers long Wall, it was time for the tobogan!!! Weeeee!!!
 That's one of the ways to go down instead of taking a funicular again, it looks like a bob track and it's soooooo much fun! :)


Beijing has so much more to offer with its thousands of years of amazing history and culture but there is not enough time for everything unfortunately.
 'Till the next time! :)




  1. Absolutely adore this post!!! I feel as if I was with you :D
    and LOOOOOVEEEE your new header ;)


    1. Thank you hun :) but it's not that inspirational as it could have been :)
      and i was trying to put a video on, from the toboggan, but i couldn't -.-

  2. Awesome ! :D
    One day I hope I'll be there in Dubai doing the same as you.
    Best wishes from Portugal Xx

  3. I have a question!
    I want to become a flight attendant, but I don't have a good eyesight, I wear lenses and sometimes lenses. Do they accept flight attendants, with bad eyesight, but that use lenses f.e ? :s I hope so, or all of my dreams with be destroyed!
    Thanks, XX

    1. Of course they do! I wear lenses, and many others as well... don't worry about that, just apply :)

  4. Marianne BecontourpMarch 6, 2013 at 1:36 AM

    Hi, I want to apply for a flight attendant for Emirates as well.
    But I have some questions that I can't find real answers for. Firstly I would like to know how much do you flight attendants make per month. Secondly, is that true, that you receive money whenever you fly to spend in goods and things like that?
    Thanks for your time,and sorry for the questions. You have a nice blog, it is wonderful and a really great help for people that are in the same situation that I am. Bissous from France :)

    1. Bon soir Marianne, about the first question I wouldn't really like to discuss it this way...you can understand why :)
      And about the second one, yes it's true, we get the allowance on layovers, for the food and drinks in the hotel, cuase those things are not for free, but you are free to spend it (or not) on whatever you want, mostly souvenirs and tours :D
      Thank you for reading, I really appreciate it, keeps me writing... :)

  5. Well but I can't really see things that are far away from here. And I don't have just a light dioptry. Are you sure that there will be no problem ?
    Janice xx

    1. I'm sure, if you're wearing contacts or glasses you'll be fine ;)

  6. Don't stop writting, NEVER! Your blog is amazing as well your life
    I've been reading your blog for a while and I am curious about 2 things, hat's your real name and your age? :b

    1. Hey, thank you so much :) means a lot...
      My name - Tea, my age - just turned 26 two days ago!
      new posts to come... :))

  7. Thanks for anwering Tea :)
    Well happy birthday hun! Hope that life continue to smile upon you !

  8. Hey Tea!
    I was wondering, is your allowance enough for exploring the city? In this case for example, vsiting Great wall, and food and maybe souvenirs? Or do you use your own money as well? It would be great if you could say more about it in some post as well.
    Thanks, and keep up the great blog :))

    1. Once again, sorry for writing just now... Allowance can be enough and doesn't have to be. Depends on a destination, on what you want to do... Here I did spend more than we got but on some other layovers I saved some money cause we got more than enough. In the beginning, when everything was new, when I used to buy presents for everyone back home, paying all sorts of sightseeing tours I used to spend more on every single layover but then I got smarter haha :))