18 October 2013

Work hard play hard!

It is completely unnecessary to write down the name of this place, and it is even more unnecessary to ruin this post with lots of words so I'll just let you enjoy some of my favorite pics from a 3 day layover in...Rio! :)




Part of the city where people don't party all day long... the other side of the coin...

Colors of the World!

Finding home :)


I'm safe up high nothing can touch me...!
It was A - MAZ - ING! :D 


Copacabana beach!

...because we can! :D

Classic Brazil sights :))


This really is one of the MUST SEE places!!!
Fun all around, drinking caipirinhas like water for breakfast lunch and dinner :)) 
Yummy pastries on every corner if you feel hungry (the mission for next time is - try them all) :)
And the most important thing - everyone is chillaxed!
(flight to there and back was beautiful, and you have a chance to meet so many interesting and cool people...)
Keep thinking how I would start speaking portuguese if I have only stayed there a few more days! :D
If you feel like dancing samba or doing sports, feel like being lazy on the beach or feel like sightseeing, maybe buy havaianas (they are cheap!) or extra small bikinis...
Rio has it all!
Had such a great time, felt like a small vacation!
...in 3 days I'll be going there again, but this time hopefully visiting Argentina (Buenos Aires) as well...
Stay tuned! :D 
Beijos :***
p.s. I was, kinda, expecting some cool scenes from Fast and Furious on the streets but this wasn't a movie after all :D


  1. definitivno najbolji post do sada... ja bih sve fotke stavljala velike, superr su!!!

  2. Ajme Rio izgleda preedobro.. plaže izgledaju prekrasno. I sve je u toliko boja! :D
    Na jednoj slici gdje je cura sa Marily Monroe majicom, frajer koji iza trči.. uff, neloše. ;D

    I odlično izgledaš! ;)

  3. I'm just discovered your blog and I'm crying my self right now: I'm from Rio and it's my dream to be Emirates Cabin Crew. I'm living in Boston, and I'm so homesick... Wish you all the best, and I'm glad you liked my city.

    1. I'm sorry it made you homesick, know how it is...
      Did you apply for the job??? I hope we'll start flying to Boston soon and if we do I'll be happy to grab a drink with you :)
      untill then you can follow me on facebook as well, same name like the blog ;)
      Have a nice day!

  4. That's sounds great! I am already following you on IG and FB lol! Let me know when you will start flying to Boston! Beijos!

    1. hahahaha I can see that now :D of course I will :)))