04 July 2012

Jump and slide baby!

After 6 long weeks training college is finally over and i have enough time to write a few words about it after such a long period of time.
Where should I even begin?
I would like to share this amazing experience with all of you but as we all say here – you can't describe it to others, others just have to come and 'taste' this life J It's not even enough to say how this is amazing, exciting, crazy or wonderful…it's so much more than that! So many people to meet, so many things to do, to see, to feel, to try…to live!

But let's get back to the last few weeks… First two were all about safety and emergency procedures, so called SEP – the hardest, the most tiring but the most fun part of training! We weren't sleeping, we were studying every night, drinking red bull  24/7 but we also had a great time! It was worth it ;) 
SEP basically teaches you the most important things you have to know about the aircraft like differencies between them, location of every single piece of an equipment and of course how to use it, pre flight check, securing the cabin, galleys and lavatories (yes, we don't call it kitchen or toilet any more :)), door operation, how to deal with a smoke or fire 40000feet int he sky, all kinds of safety procedures and emergency situations such as turbulence, ditching, decompression, emergency landing…what, when, who, how, why… :)

Passing the exams takes you to the next stage – GMT or Group Medical Training. 
We are now literally suitable to deliver a baby on board :D or let's just say –save someone's life… and yes, you can call me Doctor T! :) 
Another week of that and I'd be able to perform a heart or brain surgery :)) All the medication problems on board, procedures, signs and symptoms, medications and how and when to use them…Dr.House can hide :))

And now we are fit for flying! :)

But before that, let's not get too excited yet, we still need to learn how to recognise deifferent kinds of weapons if we ever see one up there! They also teach you how to deal with a bomb on bord or even, god forbid, hijackers! So that was pretty interesting… 
At the end of week 4 I was thinking about getting a part time job as a bodyguard because now I also know how to restrain a person and defend myself. So if anyone needs me, I know I don't look tough and scary but I sure know where your pressure points are! That means I don't have to say ''don't piss me off cause I can take you donw with my two fingers!'' hehehehe, it was very funny practicing it :D

Somewhere along the way we got our uniforms and by the 5th week we were finally looking like an actual cabin crew :)

Last two weeks were about service – serving meals and drinks in a proper manners, learning about our onboard entertainment system, duty free, earning miles, handling the galley, serving alcohol (lots of rules about that one), service routines, assisting passengers with disabilities, using proper words and phrases, learning airport codes, and all those other little thing that you don't notice or take for granted while traveling as a passenger. Things you think are easy and normal but the truth is – behind that there is a loto f practice, studying, experience…

Enough about that! Don't get me wrong, it was hard but it doesn't mean we weren't going out every weekend for well deserved party time, beach, dinner or shopping :)

Time passed so quickly, so so fast…well,even that isn't a word strong enough to describe it!
The strangest thing of all is how you become great friends with the people you're literally forced to spend 11hours of every day (sometimes even more) just because someone put you all int he same 'study' group! But sadly, next time we'll all be together again in one place at the same time will be at the graduation in 6 months! We'll all fly around the World on different schedules…

Speaking of which, our rosters came a few days ago and yesterday we received our licences so we are now finally ready to fly!!!
My first operational flight is a turnaround to India, but before that I have to do 2 supy flights (observer ones)… This month I'm gonna fly to India, Russia, Bangladesh, Germany, Qatar, Pakistan and South Africa!
Aaaaaand…My first supy is today, to Iran! OMG! Fingers crossed!!! :D

Till next time…

Love, T…


  1. Wow, this sounds sooo exciting. And amazing that you get so many layovers in your first month! Congrats and good luck!!!