17 July 2012

The lions sleep tonight...

Waking up early in the morning, packing a suitcase for my first layover...
Destination - South Africa, Johannesburg.
Flying hours - 7:40
Temperature - 10-13°C
Time zone - GMT + 2
Red lipstick and I'm ready to go!

Flight was really nice, we had so much work to do but passengers were polite and most importantly - patient :)
The crew and the purser was also great, very helpfull to a newie like me so everything was smooth and easy... 
Well, the pilot and the first officer do get some credit too, I must confess that :p

It was around 6 pm local time when we checked in to a hotel and the question was - what's next?
What are we gonna do now, where are we going and who is going? :) 
Dinner? Always! Juicy, medium-well steak in a green pepper sauce with a glass of wine at the Meat Co? Sold! Let's go :)

We were so hungry and the food was OMG, so amazingly delicious... Just perfect. After dinner everyone was tired except the captian and me cause we wanted a dessert (of course, do I have to repeat it every time that I need sweets after a meal? :) ) so we sat in the Milkshake bar in the hotel and had a sugar overdose before sleep with some cake and milkshakes :D

It was a nice day but the next one was a special one... Waking up early again, but this time not for work but for visiting the Lion Park!

What's so special about it? Well...you can cuddle lion cubs!!! Do I have to say more? :)
Oh yes, sorry, and feeding the giraffes! :D
It's been so funny, such a strange, unexpected feeling when daddy Giraffe licked my whole hand with his big slobbery tongue! I started to laugh so much I think he was embarrassed for me :)) But mommy Giraffe was such a lady while taking the food out of my hand, so carefully and gently...

We couldn't feed the baby cause she is still too young and small, and it was very cold outside for her, but the cubs didn't have a problem with it.
They were playing around us, jumping on us all the time, just like puppies but with bigger and sharper teeth and claws (scratch marks on my hands can prove that) :))

Everyone is asking me 'how was it?!' But how can I describe a feeling sitting there surrounded with six (big) baby lions, cuddling with them, having their paws in my hands...? I can only say that it was...surreal... 
It's just like, one of those things that you think about and you just go 'wow, I actually had Simba sitting in my lap?' Yes, I did! :D

Beautiful animals, speacially when you see what they will grow up to... They are not called the kings of the jungle for nothing :)

That 24 hours passed so quickly and it was time to go back to the sand :)
Pack again.
Red lipstick again.
7:40 hours again.
All that again with one small difference - special memories and fingers crossed for another day in Jo'burg!

Cabin crew...prepare for landing in Dubai...



  1. It appears to me that Simba was enjoying cuddling with you. :D

    1. Hope so :) people are going to spoil them :D