03 August 2012

City of Angels...

Layover No 3 - Bangkok/Krung Thep (City of Angels in Thai), Thailand (former Siam)
Continent - Asia
Time zone - GMT +7
Flying hours - 6h
Currency - Thailand baht THB
A plan - do as much as possible in 24 hours!

A night flight after not so much sleeping the night before, because you met some great people next door and you had a house party, isn't really the best way you wanna spend those 6 hours but hey, we are going to Bangkok so suck it up! :))

Arriving at 8am, 45 minutes of sleep in the bus on our way to the hotel, change of clothes and yalla!

 We took a taxi for the day to take us for some sightseeing, temples of course, what else... So the taxi driver took us to a very beautiful place, but unfortunatelly I'm not sure of the name, so I won't write anything, cause everything was written in Thai and they don't speak english (like they should!) ...but there is always next time to find that out :)

Cameras out, umbrellas open (if you have one, which we DIDN'T!) and we are ready for some Bangkok time!
There was so many people praying in the temples so we found out that the 2nd of August is a national holiday named Asarnha Bucha (Buddha) Day.
It's a bad thing we didn't have a tour guide (or anyone else who speaks english for that matter) who could explain to us things we saw, about religion and its practices, why, how, where and when...but that's why we have Google :D

After a walk through the temple and getting wet in the rain, just after we entered a garden (imagine how we looked :) ) we went on the market - so much food, souvenirs, colours, people, animals...

Holiday + afternoon hours = a loooong ride back to town, for some more shopping :)
Another round of sleep in the car, but anyway, I couldn't not notice colours of their taxis - pink, green, purple, blue, orange, take your pick, all the rainbow colours and more :))
It's all about the patchwork with these guys :)

Sooooo tired but still not giving up, it's time for street shopping and bargaining, getting some great souvenirs for ridiculous prices... 
Let's say it like this - 100THB = 2,6EUR = 3,2$ = 11,6AED = 19,3HRK
Magnets for 35thb, postcards 7thb, little buddha sculptures from 20thb and up, shirts and pants 100-350thb (depends if you're buying ''designer clothes'' or not hahaha) so you imagine ;)
Now I know for the next time, and again that ''next time'' because there are so many things left for the next time that we didn't do yesterday, I won't even start naming them... Just waiting for another BKK flight!

Time for getting back to the hotel... I think I fall asleep under the shower for a few seconds :)) and straight to bed, slept like a baby....

It's been a bumpy ride back home, but here we are again, summer in the desert...

For the end, languages spoken today by the crew were- arabic, english, spanish, polish, thai, chinese, portugese, greek, korean, french and croatian...



  1. I have to admit that I like these šhotos a bit more than those from Munich - mostly 'cause it felt more like home, and I urge for something exotic as Bangkok :D

  2. i love your blog! this post is so cute