25 August 2012

Jungle crew in Colombo :)

Colombo, Sri Lanka
GMT + 5,5 hours
Flying hours - 5
Transit stop - Maldives

Not feeling very inspirational these days but anyway, here it is, a short 'Tarzan way' story about Colombo :)

With a million honeymoon couples onboard we had a stop in Male, Maldives... Can you imagine the torture of flying over those beautiful islands, landing there and not be able to go out from the aircraft, even less to go to some amazing beach and chill under the palmtree? :)

Reaching the hotel, hungry as usual, we went to King Coconut to grab some delicious grilled shrimps! Would've been great if the portions weren't so small...by the time we came back to our rooms I was hungry again! :D

Early in the morning, (like...6 am early!!!) we took a taxi for the day and start our tour... 
2 hours long drive through the countryside with the greatest driver ever! He was showing us around, talking about history, industry, religion, plants and animals...he knows everything there is to know about the island!

First stop elephant riding wooohooo :)))
Big, hairy, fat, 3 tones heavy, old but cute elephants! Feeling was almost the same as riding a camel, only slower... We could've also go and take an elephant shower but we didn't have our swim suits :))

an elephant's tooth :O

For the tea lovers, second stop was at the tea factory, had a walk around and a cup of black tea with some sweets aside... 

5 minutes later we were in the Spice garden. Small, green oasis by the road with all sorts of plants growing there. Another walk and talk around the place...how you can mix this with that, what is it good for, making oils and creams...Interesting but I was so tired I didn't remember any useful tip he gave us :)

During even longer drive back we've all fell asleep and woke up just in time for another 'not enough food for me' lunch. Oh God people where do you keep meals for grownups, really?! :p

Nihal, the good driver took us to see the fish market and how fish is being dried on the sun, drove us by the 18th century 'castle' ruins (today's prison!), by the haunted old factory (today's restourant), also telling us TRUE ghost stories :) Oh yes, they DO exist...even some hotels our crew stays in are haunted, hehe, funny and good to know :))

Enough playing around, it's time for work now - uniforms on, pack your bags and check yourself in for another flight back home... :)
Over and out :*


  1. with all these descriptions I feel like I was there :D Miss T, what will we talk about when we see each other? I already know everything. I surley hope you have at least one secret for me :)

  2. Your blog is amazing, congrats!
    I just want so bad to become a flight attendant. Hope I can do it, and maybe one day I can have my own blog sawing: Milan-Dubai-The World :b