10 September 2012

Kuala Lumpur hopping on and off time :)

Destination - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Flying hours - 5,5
GMT -  +8
Currency - I'm quite lost by now but I'd say Malaysian ringgits :)
Expectations - big!
Experience - amazing!

As much as I was excited to go to KL, I was also affraid it's going to be disappointing... 
Au contraire, as it goes like that my day was pretty great, even though I've spent it all by myself (me myself and I...what to say? We best know how to enjoy) :))
But let me start from the beginning.
We arrived to the hotel around midnight local time so it was already too late to go out and do something and  too early to go to bed as well (as I mentioned I've spent the day alone which means the crew wasn't really interested in doing anything with anyone!), so I just came to the lobby to check out my new roster for September and I fall asleep at 4 am! (waking up at 8 am for some sightseeing was a beginning of my next 48 plus hours of being awake...) 
Just want to let you know that the part of this post was written on my jumpseat on a way back from KL due to turbulence and it was a way to keep me awake in the middle of the night flight :)

Back to the subject :)
After those 4 loooong hours of sleep I went out, just me and my camera exploring the city. I've found a great way to do that - a hop on hop off bus! :D It basically means that you can take a tourist bus, go out on any of 23 stops/sights, take your time and  then catch another one of  those buses whenever you like! 

So, my first stop was the Central Market, a small kinda shopping center with souvenirs and food (all that ridicilously cheap!) - simple as that... 

After the shopping was done I went to see a Botanical garden.
Very very nice and quiet place, green, empty and HOT! Nothing surprisingly for me :)
As I was alone, I tried to take a few photos of me by myself (looking stupid at the same time but fortunatelly there were no one else around) :)) ...funny thing happened...a security guy saw me and he came to ask me if I want him to take a picture of me? Sure, why not, thank you very much! But that wasn't it, he literally took me by the hand for a little tour on the nicest spots in the garden and offered to take pictures of me, hahahaha, ok, if you insist :D

(crashing a wedding) :)

Further away, or it was maybe before the Garden, never mind, the bus stopped in front of the Royal Palace for us to take some more pics. You can't go in there of course but you can stand out and admire the place as long as you want to :) It's amazingly huge and beautiful piece of land, we can only imagine how it looks behind those golden gates...

15 minutes long drive through the rest of the sights until we finally arrived in front of the tallest twin building in the World (which was the tallest building in 1998 when it was build).
I was speechless! WOW! Really extraodrinary and pretty much indescribable feeling standing there, looking in the sky (while your neck is hurting) in that powerful amazing 'wonder of architecture' :)) You can't even catch it whole with your camera :D

Seeing that I wanted to go to KL Tower for dinner in the Revolving restourant, just sit there and look at the city at night time, enjoy the view... Unfortunatelly they don't accept cards (as they told me in the hotel) and I didn't have enough  local currency so that's something I left for 'the next time'. 
Instead I came back to the hotel, get some rest, lay by the pool, made myself a bubble bath, went for dinner, and got ready for the way back...

As I said, it was bumpy so we sat there on our jumpseats for more than an hour, struggling not to fall asleep while everyone else is snoring in front of you :) That's when I decided to start writing this post on a piece of paper found in my pocket, right in between flight information and customers orders :D
Landing in Dubai my leave started (weeeee! ) in the airport toillet where I've changed my clothes and ran for another flight back home... :) 

(Zagreb - just a sneak peak) :)

But that's another story waiting to be written here for you to experience a little bit of Croatia, and now I'm in a hurry to get ready to go out :) Yes it's Monday but here in Dubai that doesn't really mean anything except having a good time any time you want to :)))

Keep readin'... :***


  1. I can say for sure that this one was the most interesting adventure so far... :D and photos are amazing... I couldn't even imagine that Kuala Lumpur is that beautiful... :D

    1. It was an adventure, and I enjoyed it a lot! Even going alone, you think it's not safe or you'll get lost or it will be boring but no...it's easy and different, good different :)) and the city is just - double WOW :D

  2. KL seems awesome! Btw, those getting married seem like... 13 year old or something :O