27 September 2013

La Dolce Vita... indeed!

Coming to Rome wasn't actually on my roster, wasn't a plan for September, however, there's a great possibility to swap your flights for other ones, that's how my plan suddenly changed and there I was...
In the middle of Eternal city...
Everyone can guess why they call it like that, but being there and seeing it with your own eyes changes the prespective, it becomes more real that this place exsits for more than 2000 years!

R-E-S-P-E-C-T for Rome :)

Perfect 25C outside for exploring it! Half of the day in the company of my colleagues and a few hours just for me myself and I :) Couldn't have been more better than it was! :)

Stories about ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt are my favorite, history of that period is so rich, interesting and complex which amazes me over and over again. 
So being there, among all these ruins and remembering all those facts I learned and read about made me wanted to just go back a few thousand years back and live it, feel it, experience it, for real!
When my brain screamed at me - 'ain't gonna happen, wake up!' I just walked around and with every step imagined how it was back then...

Since Rome wasn't built in a day, one day as well, is not enough to see or do anything properly, but on the other hand one second is enough to fall in love with it! It has everything for everyone!

I don't want to bother you with all those history lessons and legends today (some of those you should all know anyway), and don't wanna write as much as I do every other time, only from one reason - I'm affraid to ruin this experience with lots of bla bla :) 
But it is so hard not to try to express yourself with words, specially when you love them as much as I do :)
...I'll try not to 'talk' too much :) and let you enjoy the photos I made, a small part of one of the World's amazing cities that kept its soul and magnificence for so long, a small part of those instant moments you try to capture with your camera excatly the way you see it with your own eyes which is impossible no matter what kind of camera you have just because that camera doesn't have a brain and heart that sees things and places in its own personal unique kind of way...like you do...

The bus left us in front of Teatro Marcello, on the Palatine hill, ono of the 7 hills on which Rome was founded 753 B.C. by one of twin brothers Romulus, as the story goes...and where the most of the ruins are saved for so long...

Senātus Populusque Rōmānus = The Senate and people of Rome

The great Colosseum!

Living the history for a few seconds (and 10euros!!!)


Marvelous Fontana di Trevi
...can you guess how much money is thrown every day into it?! Aproximately 3000 euros! Yes 3000! All that money goes to charity and renovation...

...as the legend says, if you throw the coin in the fountain you'll come back to Rome...

When in Rome... eat a gelato! :D
When left alone I walked to the Spanish steps, climbed up and found this beautiful park with even nicer view of Rome which left me speechless!

Breathtaking! With this signore playing old canzoni taking you back in the 60ies right in the middle of La Dolce Vita making it much more special :D  


(this is how my house would look like if I lived then and there...there's a bookstore right next door - perfect scenario) :)


Soaking up every feeling and impression which made my heart grow a little bit, cementing every image deep in my brain to never forget it and loving every single second of it made this big and great city one more top favorite destination to come back to! (and I don't need a coin in the Fontana di Trevi to tell me that) :) 

Hope you'll all have the oportunity to visit Rome one day, and when you do hope you'll experience the same good atmosphere and vibe I did...

Ciao ragazzi! Lots of baccioni! :)

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  1. divan, divan Rim... grad u kojem bih voljela živjet... xx