26 April 2013

In the heart of Europe...

Good morning everyone :)

New post about one more layover, one more destination, one more awesome day to remember! :)

Simply put - it was one of the best layovers I had so far!
Why? Because! There's no special reason, just the feeling about it in general!

Feeling like s**t that morning, not sleeping well, just wanting to stay in my bed hugging a pillow and waiting for 'the better tomorrow' I forced myself to put my uniform, red lipstick and a fake smile ON and go to Prague...
Since the briefing everything started turning out good, better, great at the end! And in a second that fake smile changed into a big sincere one! :D

Was it the crew who were great? Or the nice and polite customers? Warm sunny day? Steping outside the airport feeling so close to home? Or just the fact I'm in Europe once again? Oh, that smell of Europe!!!

Senate of the Parliament of the Czech Republic

All those familiar things around you, language that you can ALMOST half-understand :D 
Guy on a reception who speaks your language and recommedns a great 'balkan' restaurant with all that yummy food and drinks from Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia... :))
One whole day of walking and enjoying the city!

Prague Castle
According to Guinness book of records, Prague Castle is the largest ancient castle in the world, it occupies an area of almost 70 000 m²!

The history of the castle stretches back to the 9th century (870).

Toy Museum :)

Old historical places, funny interesting things, great food and drinks and nice people to share all of that with, everything you see, hear, smell, taste, try feels great in a city like Prague.
City with a soul! Something that I don't feel anywhere else I go to...
Maybe I'm just not the most objective one but there's no place like Europe :)

Crawling babies sculptures near Charles bridge are a big inspiration for lots of pics :))

John Lennon Wall
Once a normal wall, since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon-inspired graffiti and pieces of lyrics from Beatles songs.


Today, the wall represents a symbol of youth ideals such as love and peace, but back in the days was a source of irritation for the communist regime.
Even when the wall was repainted by some authorities, on the second day it was again full of poems and flowers.

Colorful and fun, is a different way of preserving history...
"...You may say I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one..."
Charles Bridge represents the oldest Prague Gothic bridge connecting the Old Town and the Lesser Town. Initially it was simply known as the Stone Bridge or Prague Bridge. The bridge has actually been known as “Charles Bridge” since 1870.
The bridge is decorated with 30 sculptures and groups of statues.
On both ends of the bridge there are the bridge towers – the Old Town Bridge Tower and the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.

Something interesting to know about :)
The oldest sculpture was dedicated to St. Jan Nepomucký (John of Nepomuk).
Jan Nepomucký used to be a favoured saint of poor people.
The story goes that he refused to tell the confessional secrets of Queen Žofie to her husband King Wenceslas IV which led to him being tortured to death.
The main attributes of the Jan Nepomucky sculpture include five stars above his head, surplice, cross and a palm of torture.
According to legend stars appeared on the water surface above his head after he had been thrown from the bridge into the river. Stars are the sign of the Latin word „tacet“, which means keep silent.
The plaque on the statue of John of Nepomuk had been polished to a shine by many people who had touched it over the centuries. Tradition says that if you rub the bronze plaque (the one depicting St John being thrown off the bridge), you will one day return to Prague.
Sure hope so! :)
On the bridge rail you can find a five star cross marking the place from where Jan Nepomucky was thrown to his watery grave.

River Vltava


The Prague Astronomical Clock - was first installed in 1410, making it the third-oldest astronomical clock in the world and the oldest one still working.
...after so many history lessons and walking all over we went to that restaurant
with 'our' home-comfort-food :D 
If you ever find yourself in Prague and you want a big portion of Bosnian, Serbian, Croatian specialties like 'ćevapi', 'kremšnite' or baklava, amazing white vine or 'rakija' shots
go to LUKA LU!
(near Charles Bridge - Ujezd 33)
And that day I had very demanding appetite :D
...that said I just had my demanding appetite open  again so it's time to make
some breakfast? Lunch? Brunch? :)
Bon appetit! :)



  1. kad sve ovo vidim i pročitam, poželim ponovo u Prag :D
    moja ljubica lijepa :D


  2. Beautiful photos! I loved Prahaaaa (^_^)
    The city, the food and ohhhh the beautiful people

    Glad u had a good time!


  3. love the post, prague is so beautifual and rich! i hope i-ll go there one day.
    Love your blog as well, keep writing, xoxo

    1. Prague has so much to offer and it is not expensive ;))
      Just take your leave days, pack your bag and go! :)

  4. awesome trip ^^ luv ur blog, till next post !

  5. Thank you guys for the support :)) I'm trying to write as often as possible :)

  6. Love your blog really! :D
    But you should do a post about life in dubai, what do you do, how do you feel about being there all by yourself, how do you spend your days, and the most important one: prices!! what's the cost of things in dubx? I would like to know everything, from food, vegetables, canned stuff, alcoholic drinks, to restaurants, electronics, ikea stuff and clothes. Thanks xoxo from italia

    1. I agree! A post about Dubai would be great! :)

    2. hi, im want to be cabin crew for Emirates, do you as well? :D If so send me your facebook please, I would love to talk to someone that understands me. xoxo from Lisbon, POrtugal

      Beatriz Bastos :)

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    My DOJ is 16th May and I'm very nervous and excited, and I would really like to know all the possible buildings xx Thanks :)

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