01 April 2013

Wishes do come true!

Dear March, we fit perfectly together, and thank you once again for being so great to me :)

"Make a wish and place it in your heart,
anything you want, everything you want!
Do you have it? Good. Now believe it can come true.
You never know where the next miracle's gonna come from, the next memory,
the next smile, the next wish come true...
But if you believe that it's right around the corner,
you open your heart and mind to the possibility of it, to the certainity of it,
you just might get the thing you wished for.
The world is full of magic, you just have to believe in it! So make your wish, do you have it? Good...now believe in it... With all your heart!"


This year's blowing candles was a little bit different then all those years before,
can't say it was better or more special, just differently great!


Waking up in a hotel room at the end of the world where is already tomorrow, thinking how no one remembered my bday when actually all of my friends and family were still in 'yesterday' :)
Sunshine on my window, chocolate milk for breakfast and one special text mssg was my New Zealand's morning.

On the way back to Brisbane, already prepared for a flight the Captain made a PA calling us to first class for briefing. First thing on our minds - DELAY! Of course, what else?
We all came and the Captain started saying there's something wrong with this aircraft, totally serious voice and face, but he couldn't keep it long and he said ''There is something wrong, not with the aircraft, but we have a birthday to celebrate so we have to make it to Brisbane in time to do so!'' and the Purser came around the corner with a chocolate cake and candles!

It was a real genuine surprise, all of them started to sing and wish me all the best, and I almost started crying, being so far away from everyone I know and love but still being able to feel special for my bday, with complete strangers who made it happen for me for no reason at all, except the fact they understand the feeling...
Pull it together! Make a wish and blow those candles away to that magical place where all your wishes are waiting in line to come true, wish number I-don't-even-count-anymore take a ticket and wait for your turn :)
So I did, once again, wishing for...well I shouldn't say it out loud, right? :)

We ate the cake and took off to Brisbane for dinner and drinks. It was a good day and night, the cherry on top was skyping time with my favourite ones back home...


I will repeat myself and wonder againg over the thought how on that day last year I've received a phone call from the company congratulating me on my new job, and this year I had a chance to celebrate it in a way not many people can...
For the past 365 days I've been lucky, brave and strong, was left breathless and amazed so many times. I've traveled a little bit :)
I've felt, seen, tried, tasted - experienced. I've laughed, loved, kissed, learned, enjoyed, gave and received, shared and helped... I've changed and had lots of fun - I've lived!
And I still do, each and every day!!! ♥
So keep on blowing all those birthday candles cause some wishes do come true! :)

You just have to wish real hard and believe in it...

Coming back from a 6 day trip I went to see my Miss A and tell her all about it, just like we do it every day, and there she was, waiting for me with lunch, another 'cake' (the best one possible!) and a gift on the table... What again made me wanna cry over another small thought that ran through my mind how some people come into your life so randomly, and they become friends for a lifetime! You share so much in such a short period of time that you don't even realize it untill you read a dedication like the one she wrote for me... <3
Sorry for that little tear in my eye, again (!!!) :) I'm just being a little sentimental these days, sniff sniff :)

Cake made of crepes with nutela and strawberries...mmmm...

This job doesn't really allow you lots of planning specially not with all of your friends so I had to find a day in the month when the most of us were off to have another dinner and drinks night of celebrating (yes, I've warned you I'll be celebrating the whole month) :)
We went to a small spanish restaurant, had paellas, sangrias and a great time all together.

I've treated myself :)

At the end they've surprised me with another gift, fulfilling one of my wishes, crossing over one more thing form my bucket list - swimming with dolphins!!!
Thank you guys for being so wonderful and making me happy like a child in a candy store! :)

So today, Miss A, Miss I and me went for that dolphin adventure and spent a whole day enjoying like we're on a small vacation... Acctually we saw how other people (tourists) see Dubai when they come here for a week or two and how different it is from how we see it... But that is a completely different story :) never mind, it was an awesome day, I had so much fun with this little doplhin Blacky that I can't even describe... I don't know how to! They are amazing, smart, funny, gentle, beautiful, wonderful creatures... Half an hour passed by in a second...
You have to experience it once in your life (or twice hehe)...
Maybe when I quit my job I'll go work with them for some time, enjoy the sun and water and most of all a good dolphin company :))


Dolphin bay

Blacky and me hugging and kissing! :D


Water park


Burj al Arab in the distance

That was a great month!
Have a good night, I'm off to South Africa in the morning
so I need my beauty sleep ASAP :)


  1. Happy late bday, and may all fortunes and great thing happen in your life. I love the way to write and what some amazing experiences! :)
    Katerina, Bulgaria

  2. Gledam ove slike, čitam sve što si napisala i uopće nisam svjesna da ti tamo živiš... znam da je prošlo već skoro godinu dana od kad si otišla, ali nevjerojatno mi je to... sretna sam što si sretna iako i fališ svaki j* dan... :*


  3. Wonderful photos! Seems like you had a wonderful day! :) xoxo

  4. Happy Birthday to you! Please keep on updating your blog as often as possible! I love reading it! <3 Greetings from Sydney!

  5. Can you please list all the places you've been to in the last year! I'm really curious to see how many destinations you have been to working from Dubai

  6. How much longer until you are upgraded to Business class? I'm sure, not long now! :)

    1. Will see if I'll apply for business right away or stay in economy a little longer :)