29 April 2013

Post without a title :)

Once again good sunny spring day to all!

I spend all day yesterday on a turnaround to Athens (yes, it's only a turnaround, what a shame) and when I landed, turned my phone on, emails started coming, emails with comments on my last post here from You my lovely readers...
After such a long tiring day it has been an apsolute pleasure and surprise to read them all!
First of all beacuse I have no idea how many people saw my blog and how many of them are actually reading it (always thought I'm writing it for my closest ones and maybe one or two of you out there :) , second surprise was that you have suggestions and ideas for more posts and that is just GREAT! Keep on doing it please and I'll try as hard as I can to write about what you would like to know and read about :)
Sooo, instead of thanking each and sigle one of you I'll write this post just and only for YOU! :)

Ok, let's start from the first one... Little Miss Twiggy :)

First of all let me tell you something, she is one of my oldest and bestest friends in this World! Beautiful, kind, smart, warm, funny as hell...you name it :) She'll keep my feet on the ground when I start drifting on my pink cloud even though she's a dreamer herself, she'll spend hours with me on skype and whatsapp laughing or crying, she'll organize my dream wedding one day :), comfort me with junk food, support my decisions no matter what she thinks or feels about them...
I can go on and on, but I miss home and my girls so much these days that I'll stop myself and just say - thank her cause she is the reason I started writing this blog in the first place!

Also I have to promote her so if you like fashion you should visit her beautiful blog as well ;)

I don't really know what to answer on her comment that I haven't said in these few sentences, so just simple I love you :)

Anonymous 1 and 2 who would like me to write about life in Dubai... I'm preparing that post for some time now and don't know where to start or finish, so many things to say but I don't wanna write a novel here :) So these guidelines you gave me and questions are gonna help me to sum all that up into something you're interested about.

There was one more comment on my previous post that I should write down all the places I have visited since I started working here... That one is in themaking as well as the one about my job in general. Soon you'll know a little bit more about Dubai itself and all my flights in the last year.

To Beatriz from Lisbon - there are groups on facebook where you can find people (and me) who are cabin crew and ask them whatever you want, or just write directly to me ;)

To Manuela from Spain - I want and am trying to make this blog to be exactly the way you see it and and thank you for it.
Age limit? Don't know about that, doesn't say anywhere, only that you have to be 21 to apply. Don't think they will look at your age if they like you and if they think you would be a good flight attendant, the kind they are looking for, so why don't you give it try, you never know where can it take you if you attend one of their open days! ;)

Do I know other blogs or bloggers like me? The first one on my mind is my friend Miss E

This is her blog so check it out, I'm sure you'll like it as well! :)

To Lortea - crew accommodation buildings? There are so many, just think about where and how would you accommodate 16000 people :)
You know you'll receive an email few days before you come and they will tell you name of the building you're staying, so ask me then and I'll tell you what I know if I know, deal? :)
There are buildings in the 'centre', the ones in the desert and those 'in between' :) so I would rather for you to be positively surprised if you get the good one than disappointed if you get not so good one, know what I mean? :)

To the curious one...here are the answers ;)

1. My name is Tea. Yes yes very funny but no, you don't pronounce it as 'tea or coffee' or nescaffe of green tea (I've heard it all believe me).

The meaning of my name comes from a greek word thea which means goddess, I read somewhere that my name came from Italian and it means wild rose, and there was an Indian girl who told me that in Hindu my name means singing bird. If you know how to pronounce the name of an actress Tea Leoni - that's it!
(ha! in your face all of you who don't have interesting name as I do so you're making fun of mine :P )

2. My age - 26 - not ashamed to say it, not yet, haha

3. Answer to this question will be a whole new post but I have visited all the continents now, can proudly say, before this job and working here and it is very hard to pick one! I felt good in so many places, seen a lots of beautiful cities, met great people and had amazing time in not such an amazing destinations. It all depends on who you're with, what do you do there, how do you feel... But I'll say it again - no place like Europe! :) (only New York can measure with it...)

4. PRO - experience, new friends, traveling, lifestyle, freedom, stories to tell, learning new things all the time, cherishing small things in life you have maybe taken for granted before...
CON - being away from your loved ones all the time, changes you notice in/on your body, lost in time and space hehe (confusion in time zones), that awful thought about how am I going to make it when I get back home to normal life and 9 to 5 office job? :))

5. I love to eat! I love food ! And food loves me! Just not Asian cuisine, but everything else :) So there's no way I can choose one thing or one favorite restaurant :)
Alcoholic drink...hmmm depends on occasion - vodka sprite or bacardi cola for a night out, rakija at any time (!), cocktails in summertime in my small place on the coast, Baileys with ice on the plane (when traveling as a passanger of course), Baileys or Amarula with icecream for a movie night with my Adri, and a cold radler beer on a hot day back home, sitting on my favorite square in town, white vine with my sister, girls or that 'special someone' on a quiet night at home or dinner in a restaurant...

Is that an answer? :D I'm just drinking a beer I brought from Prague :)

6. Can't say I have a favorite place in Dubai as well, cause I haven't seen all of it still but so far, for clubbing I like Cirque du Soir, and during the day I like to sit outside Dubai mall, by the fountains and have lunch or a drink.

7. My nationality...guess :) I'll give you a hint, the capital of my country is in the name of my blog :)

8. About my favorite person in Dubai you already had the opportunity to read, her name is Adrijana. We met in Munich airport coming to Dubai, we live next to each other, we were in the same batch, and if I didn't have her here I would go nuts long time ago :D You always need that someone to talk to or to be quiet with, and I'm happy to have her from now until forever!

9 Safety and emergency procedures -SEP - it was fun, interesting, we had great trainers and it changed my way of looking on 'all those safety advices' you get when you fly and take them for granted...

And finally the last one... Uf I already have enough material for a few chapters in my book that I'm planning to write some day haha :)
10.  I didn't wanted to join, I didn't even know what was an open day, I was just jobless for a long time and decided to go and see what was that add all about.
The only thing I understood was - traveling and making money hehe. So I went that morning without a single thought in my mind, just desoerate to find a job or just a getaway ticket out of there, by the time presentation about the job and Dubai finished I knew this is what I want, I knew that was a job for me, and here I am... :)

And the last but not the least to Anonymous from Melbourne/Sydney/Zagreb, don't know where to put you :) - I totally agree with you and I hope we will start flying to Zagreb as well! We don't know what are they planning to do or when but sure we're hoping for that route to be open sometimes in the future, a near one :)

Kisses and hugs to all the others from Italy, Australia, Camille from Dubai and all the rest! Hope I did satisfied a little bit of your curiosity for today, and if you have more questions, ideas, comments...bring them on :)) I'll be happy to answer :)

Now packing for tomorrow's Jakarta... and keep reading cause...



  1. You made me cry again... I love you too :**** And I can't wait for you to come home and eat tons of junk food with me and our little bee Maja :D

  2. you are so sweet, reeally love your blog and personality :3 keep writing honey :))

  3. do you know more blogs besides the one you gave us? :3 thnkx, and loved the post and the blog, and you are just this adorable person, i hope ill meet you someday xx from italy

  4. nice post and nice blog as well!
    a friend of mine just showed me your blog and i am no tottally hooked on it keep posting ! xx

    1. Well thank to your friend for me :)
      And come on facebook and like my page ;)

  5. Thanks Tea you are awesome! :D
    Oh you came to Athens only in a turnaroud? :( What a shame :(
    Btw I would like (if you don't mind) you to post your rosters! :D I am very curious about them!

    1. Will do but probably on facebook page, so come and like it and all the news will be there daily updated :D

  6. Can you pick up 3 countries from each continent that pleased you more?? :D
    thanks kisses from Espana

    1. You should ask me that when I stop flying :)))

  7. god, i just love your blog so much!
    keep writing FOREVER! <3

  8. Im going in 3rd of June to the OD in Lisbon. Do you have any tricks, and advices on what to wear like makeup and clothes and acessories, and what to say and how to act please :D

    thank you very much

    1. Sure! Not much acessories, a watch, small earings (pearls), black suit (pants or skirt doesn't matter), just like every other job interview ;)
      I put my hair in the bun cause I didn't have time to wash it and apparently stewardesses wear buns hehe. Make up - everyday, light, maybe red lipstick...

      Fingers crossed!!! ;)

  9. I love your blog! Please keep writing (even more often)!
    The first thing I do when I turn my laptop on is checking if there is a new post on your blog!
    Being Emirates CC is my biggest dream! And I'm gonna apply in August/September.

    Martyna from Poland :)

    1. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you ;)
      Till then you can like my facebook page and photos and statuses there will be more often updated than my novels here haha and I'll be able to answer all the comments and questions there more easily and sooner than here :)

  10. really excited for the next posts! keep them coming!xoxo from jordania

  11. Could you post your rosters here on the blog? I would love to know them (if you dont mind).
    nice flights! :3

    1. I will from the next month ;)
      But probably on my facebook page it will be easier so like it and follow all the news there ;))

  12. Jakarta? :D I want a post about that! lovely! keep writing ! :D

    1. Unfortunatelly iw was labour day that day and strikes and demonstrations were all over the city so they recomended us not go for a safari cause we might get stuck in traffic and be late for a flight back... ;(

  13. I FREAKING LOOOOOVE your blog! You are the best cabin crew blogger ever! Just love everything about it! First thing when I get home?--- Check out for new posts in Zagreb-Dubai-the World and today I was surprised. Amazing post, very informative, it was lovely to know a lil bit more about you, and you are so cute and nice!!
    kisses for you Tea! :D eheh I now know your real name :b

    1. Hehe, thank you for that hun :)
      Like my facebook page as well, I'm updating it every day and every question you have or comments will be answered there more quickly than here :)

  14. hope you write soon! :D
    and oh my your blog has just evolved so much !! :D COngrats babe! ;)

  15. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE YOUR BLOG! It is just amazing! Hope you keep on writing! Can't wait to hear about Jakarta! :) <3

    1. Unfortunately cause of strikes and demonstrations I have nothing to write about, they told us not to go for a safari, we might get stuck in traffic on a way back... ;( so only massage and lunch that day...

      p.s. I loooooooooove that you loooooooooooove it :D

  16. love from E you crazy girl :) "only New York can measure with it" - soon to be ;)
    btw. you NEED to take you things from me, vacap me :*

  17. Awesome blog! you are so nice! ill follow it until the end of times! :b keep writing

    1. Hope I'll be writing till the end of times heheeh :)

  18. Can you name some of other good night clubs in dubai?
    My doj is 3rd June, and I am so excited and I have so little knowledge!
    Please answer!
    And love your blog. To death!!! :)
    It is helping me a lot!
    Thank you!!

    1. Hope the last post helped you even more :)
      Like my facebook page and if you have any other questions that is the easiest way to answer all of that at any time ;)

  19. so i decided to make my own questions :D

    I want to know what exactly do they give you when you get in dubai (home stuff), and can you post an accurate list with everything please? I would be very grateful :D

    Your unirform is composed of what? I heard that you guys have pajamas? Are there any beds for crew in the plane? :o

    How is your apartment? If you could post some photos, of the kitchen and the room specially :D Are the apartments big and modern?

    What can you do in Dubai when you are not working?

    And the last: In total, how many days off for vacations have you per year?

    Thanks, :D I will apply next week to the OP in Cairo, and I am very nervous and excited and I would really like to know previously some things.
    Hope you answer. kisses :D

    1. Sooo, new post is answering a lot of your questions :)
      Pajama - yes we get that as well, for ultra long flights, longer then 9 hours, we have crew rest compartments, above overhead compartments is a place with small beds for us to rest :)

      Vacastion - 30 days per year, 15 days in the first 6 months and 15 in the other half of the year...

      fingers crossed, let us know how was it on my facebook page ;))
      it will be easier for me to answer everything you guys want to know there through my phone than here via comments :)

  20. you are the best! Keep writing! :D :**

  21. kan you please talk more accurately about the group dynamics thay you did in the ad? I would like to know what were the challenges, how did you react, and the other?
    And why do you think that others didn't pass?
    kuss from germany!

    1. http://zagrebdubaitheworld.blogspot.ae/2012/03/hello-everyone-i-just-realized-i-havent.html

      all the answers here hun :) take a look, and after that come and like my facebook page :D

  22. so r u considering the posibility of working in a 9 to 5 office or something? o.O
    May I even ask what is your degree? :)
    thanks luv ur blog!

    1. Someday probably yes... I'm still studying, political science ;)

  23. best emirates cabin crew blog in the whole world!!! <3 <3 <3 status: in love with it|

  24. Why do you like the portuguese language? :D I am portugues and I would really like to know :b

    1. Because 8 years ago, think so, there was a tv show Celebridade, and I fell in love with the language, I love how you pronounce 'dade' in the word Celebridade :) simply like how your language sounds in my ears :D

  25. I LOVE your blog! It is truly amazing! I would love to see a post on 'A Day in the Life of Emirates Cabin Crew'! That would be great! :)

  26. Tea, you are an amazing and extraordinary person! I absolutely love your blog! Hope I bump into you on one of my future Emirates flights! Hahahahahahah!

    1. You might :) There's only 3 of us in the company with this name :D

  27. LOVE IT! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  28. Hello,...
    So let me get this right.
    You just woke up one day you went to the OD having no clue and you got the job??
    Sooo simple?
    I know people who have tried 2-3-4-5 times to get this job... it is supposed to be soooo difficult!
    What do you think it matters most in order to get this job?

    Sinceraly most girls I know from my country have nothing special.. they barely speak English, they have no degree... and all their lifes have been working as waitresses.. or maybe not even that..
    Although girls I 've seen from all the other countries they speak 2-3 languages, they have BA and maybe even Master, good working experience...

    i mean really I can not understand the requirements...

    Also do you know if they only invite people to the AD from the country weer the AD takes place?
    I mean if the AD is in london they will only invite people from UK??
    Do you have any info on that?

    Thank you so much I do not want to sound harsh but i am so frustrated with the whole procedure I want this job more than anything and I myself have tried 2times until now but can not make it through the AD... :@
    maybe it is because of my voice? I haveby nature a quite silent voice.. :(
    I am working on it..

    Anyway thank you in advance! I do love your blog.. Plz keep updating
    xoxo from Greece

    1. This one takes time to answer so let's start. Yes, honestly, it was like that, by that point I was so frustrated being jobless, that I was applying for anything and everything, nothing to lose...
      So I wasn't even googling what this job is about cause I'm still in college and that was my only obsticle but my friends talked me in to it, so I went. And it was that simple for me! DOn't know why or how, I still don't have a degree and I speak only english as a second laguage, but I've never worked as a waitress.
      Really don't know...
      It is true what you're saying, so may different people, ones without school but with a lots of experience, ones with degrees and no experience. You know they don't tell us why he/she passed and others didn't so I can't even think about what is that we who passed have in common...
      I feel so sad and sorry for you guys who want this job more than anything when I see or hear people who are not interested in exploring the world, who are uneducated in geography or history or other cultures and DON'T want to learn, they have the opportunity and they are not using it, and there you are who want this and would appreciate every single thing that this traveling offers you. sad...
      DOn't know what more to tell you, I don't have the answers. If it was me to pick people I'd do it differently :)

      Yes you can go in another country to apply, for sure I know that, at least something :)

      I'll keep my fingers crossed, don't give up, some of them got this jib after 8 times! Hope you'll get it too!!!

      if you have any other questions come to my facebook page and there I'll be able to answer everything more quicker ;)

      Thank you for writing and reading!

  29. Love your blog, and it is just amazing to see it grow!
    Keep writing forever Tea!!
    Can't wait for the next post!
    xoxo from France :)

    1. You said it perfectly, ''see it grow'', I'm proud to see it grow, and all cause of you guys :D
      Thank you for that!
      Hope that facebook page will grow as well, come and like it :)