17 June 2013

Germany 4 in 1 :)

I started writing these things down anywhere I can cause when the thought or the idea of what to write about pops in my mind I wish I could just record it directly to a computer or a piece of paper... So this started on the Hamburg airport and is finished now on the 7th floor next to the pool :)
Don't really know where is all that coming from, a song I hear, places I see while driving in the bus on the way to the airport, feelings when I see things so familiar to those back home, food I eat...
Every time it starts with a single thought 'oh I could write about this, I should write it down immediately' and then an avalanche of thoughts start piling up and everything become one big mess :)

As I said I'm on the pool now trying to remember all of what I've been thinking for the last 3 days but it's so freaking hot I can't even hold a pen in my hand! Summer is back in the desert! :)
Ok, quick shower (and I'm already dry), cause the water in the pool is too warm, and now it's better :)

Anyway, what I wanted to write about was - all my trips to Germany, the land of beer and sausages (not just that but that's the first association on my mind :p and Germans are the second biggest consumers of beer in the world, after the Czechs).

We fly to 4 destinations in this country and with the latest one I've been to all of them.
Munich was my first, and I wrote about it already, sometime last summer... then it was Frankfurt twice (going there again in a few days), Düsseldorf and now Hamburg.


What to say...?
These flights are the best ones, as far as I'm concerned, easy, quiet, polite, quick, tidy...
Destinations - as well! Must confess I might feel a little bit bored after some time spent there, but than again we've been out for dinner on a friday night in Hamburg and it wasn't boring at all! :)
Reminds of home again, of course, all the same stores and markets we have, way of living, lots of 'Balkan' people living there, even the language cause Croatian has lots of 'germanisms' (German words we took and reshaped them) :)


Seeing how people spend their Saturdays and Sundays make me feel nostalgic. Walking around, meeting friends for coffee or lunch outside, picnics, recreation, shopping, 'happenings' on the main square, everything is green in blossom, sun is shining, kids and dogs running around, all those beautiful houses with their gardens and lawns make me miss that feeling of "Yaaay it's weekend!"
We don't have that, we don't have weekends, we have days off, and it can be any day of the week...
Sometimes I feel I could even miss that awful feeling "Oh no, it's Monday again..."
Noooot! Just kidding, will never miss THAT one! :)
Today is Monday I think, is it?, and I'm lying at the pool, catching some sun, having my days off... And it feels goooood...
Now, you might think all of what I'm writing about is the same everywhere, I can meet friends in Dubai, have coffee or lunch with them, there are some trees, recreation on the beach...but the difference is that no matter how Dubai tries to be the biggest and the bestest, they try to plant as much as they can (it's great that they do, don't get me wrong), but it will never have a SOUL...it will never be natural...


Ok, here we go, a mess in my thoughts again. Where were I? Ah, Germany...
It's been some time since my last Frankfurt and Düsseldorf where honestly I didn't do much, just had some good company, went out in the city, walked around, found 'ćevapi', enjoyed the feeling and the food! :)

Hamburg is much fresher in my mind so let's see - we ate, slept, ate, went sightseeing, ate again...See a pattern? :D


The Hamburg Rathaus - the city hall or town hall. It is the seat of the government of Hamburg, located in the Altstadt quarter in the city centre, near the lake Binnenalster.

The city hall still houses its original governmental functions with the office of the First Mayor of Hamburg and the meeting rooms for Hamburg's parliament and senate.
It has 647 rooms, six rooms more than Buckingham Palace.

The courtyard is decorated with a Hygieia fountain.
Hygieia as the goddess of health in Greek mythology and its surrounding figures represents the power and pureness of the water.
It was built in remembrance of the cholera epidemic in 1892, the former technical purpose was air cooling in the city hall.

In the morning we took (rented) bikes from the hotel (5euros for 2 hours) and went around. It was the first time for all of us but still I ended up being a GPS locator AGAIN.
Flattering, cause you realize how your orientation is perfect unlike others hehe, boring cause you're the one 'responsible' here, always thinking what and where and how, but then again the best part of it is that you always see all the things YOU wanna see, since you're the only one who knows how to find them and how to come back from where we started :))

After we left the bikes back in the hotel, we returned to the center for some lunch and shopping in DM.

Were thinking of taking a boat ride since it's free for the guests of Le Meridien hotel but decided to leave something for the next time and go have some rest before the flight. Mission impossible! Every single time... There's no way I can sleep before the night flight so by the time I came home in my bed I felt like a zombi (most likely looked like one as well) :)
The whole day yesterday felt like I was drunk, but still...have to commend myself - I baked my first cake! For my lovely Miss A for her (not gonna say) birthday :D
If I can also say- it was delicious! :)

Think this is it cause if I keep writing this post will be one big mixed salad (salad? food? again? hmmm...what's for lunch today?) :)

Some interesting facts about Germany;
- Classical music has been widely dominated by German-speaking composers - Bach, Beethowen, Handel, Wagner, Strauss...
- Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, some of the greatest philosophers were German 
- Germany had the 3rd highest recycling rate
- Johannes Gutenberg printed the world's very first Bible in Mainz 1456.
- The German Autobahn is the oldest motorway network in the world, it is also the only one in Europe to have no general speed limit
- The world's second producer of cars (after Japan)
- Frankfurt International Airport claims the world record in the most international destinations served

Have a great Monday everyone,
4 more days till the weekend!
Love and kisses! :)


  1. loved the post Tea! germany looks lovely! keep writing :)

  2. Europe, Europe, you really miss home... Biking... awesome way to meet a new place... Maybe when you get home, we can go for a ride and get to know a bit better our little hometown :)
    soon... <3


    1. we can! but i don't have a bike in zagreb...
      SOON! <3

  3. Hey hey, new post thank God
    I loved it and trough your description Germany seems a great destination. I loved it, keep on with the best posts ever!
    Hugs & kisses from Canada

  4. awesome post, loved it as i always do but i have a question: what are the pursers, what do they do, how do they get to be pursers and what are the differences
    thanks for posting, xx from spain

    1. Carlota, purser is our 'boss' on the flight :) (actually our boss is the captain but speaking of cabin crew work in plane)
      every cabin crew has a grade - grade 2 work in economy, grafe 1 work in business class, fg 1 work in first class, then you have sfs (senior flight stewardess)one in economy one in business and a purser, he is above all of us and works in first class, has lots of paperwork to fill, he is responsible for all the checks and duties we have to do...
      You become a purser through the years, if you have a good record etc... just like any other promotion, step by step. :)

      Thanx for reading :*

  5. loved the post, i mean i love them all! :b
    keep posting princess t!
    xx from italy

  6. wonderful post!
    lots of love from new zealand! :)))


  7. uhh nice to hear from you again!
    keep posting frequently i love to hear your stories about the cabin crew life

  8. Another amazing post as I was expecting! :)
    I went to Berlin (don't EK do flights there?), but Hamburg really suited me! ;)
    Anxious for the next post Tea!! :))

  9. man is so hot! it must be a relief to get flights to places in europe like germany or russia!
    so what are all the country you have been into?
    thanks for you time and love love love ur blog

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