24 June 2013

Weekeeeeeeeend! :D

It's another Monday already?
Don't know, don't care :p
Just wanted to share my great weekend with you guys! :)
Something a little bit different than usual, finally! (I knew I had to wait a few more days with that post about how we spend our days off here hehe)

First of all is that our boys finally came to Dubai!
Little history - We all met on the same open day, last year in February, and they were 'on hold' all this time, can you imagine that? Waiting for something like this for so looong? But at the end they are here now! And we had to celebrate it! :D

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another:
"What! You too? I thought I was the only one.” 
C.S. Lewis

'Hey taxi driver, turn the music up!' 

So, after I landed from Frankfurt on a Friday night we met at my place... actually my kitchen, ah, just like home, everyone hangs in the kitchen :)) 
Real Croatian mafia style hahaha :)))
That night we met some new friends, one of which invited us for a BBQ day at the pool the day after, and we were like 'why not? it's saturday!' :)
We had pretty good time out in this club called Crystal, on the top of Wafi pyramid and after party back in my kitchen, there were some leftovers in the bottles ;) I don't have to explain it to you do I? :p



2 hours of sleep and alarm went on, wake up! Put your swimming suit, sunglasses, sun cream and your never fading smile on and let's have some fun! :)

One ride across town (with a professional driver who promissed to drive me on the track, weeee, hehe) and there we were, nice house with a cold water in the pool, drinks, and meet waiting to be barbecued :)

“It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?” 
A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

The greatest thing of all was the fact that not everyone there was cabin crew! What a refreshing thing, not talking about anything that has to do with your job for one whole day?! Really good feeling, like you are on a vacation haha!

Our Superman! :)

Want to point out one more thing here, it is still strange for me meeting new people like this, randomly, accidentally, just have them inviting you in your life after a few hours or days you know each other, becoming friends just like that, in a second!
That doesn't happen back home, or in the most countries I would say? Or I'm wrong?
Anyway, it always amazes me how you can meet really good people like this - by chance!
If I'll be honest, most of my great friendships started in the same way, destiny I would say, but when you think about it...there's no better way to meet 'quality' personalities than this! :)

“How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life”  
Marcus Aurelius

We really had an awesome day and night, enjoyed it to the fullest...
I think pictures speak for themselves :)


Hope You, my dearest readers had a great weekend as well! Share it with me please I would love to know if you did something extra on your days off, specially if you're sitting in your office now, daydreaming helps! :D

Kisses and good night! :)
I'll go take a nap before my 3am Manchester flight...


  1. zakon!!!!! I super mi je što si ubacila i ovakav post!!!!
    btw je li to Goran supermen? hahahahaha odličan je!!!!


    1. A tko bi drugi zavezao moj pareo oko vrata hihihi legenda :)))

  2. oh thats so awesome, livin la vida loca, and meeting nice people along the way, that's the ideal life! ;)
    hope you have fun in manchester <3

    1. exactly :)) shaking up a little bit hehe!
      I'll have fun for sure, flying with my friend!!! wooohooo :D

  3. im happyfo you, and that night club seems awesome! :)
    can you please make a post about your graduation day? about what happened, some photos etc? :)
    thanks, luv ur blog <3

  4. oh yeah anonymous i am curious about that too. :) good post, seems you are having a lot of fun, kisses from spain