05 June 2013

Life happens...

First of all - I LOVE You commenting :)

You give me plenty ideas what to write about except layover experiences... There's no way to write about every single thing that pops in my mind cause I don't always have a pen and paper to write it down, but yesterday I saw one comment that I couldn't ignore, was thinking about it for a long time while I was laying in bed.
It said how I have a perfect life!

So I couldn't stop thinking and wondering... What makes you think that? What is 'perfect' for you? Would you describe your life as perfect? What are the things that make someones life that way? Or how would I describe it? What makes mine good? What I'm proud of?

“Life's just a bunch of accidents, connected by one perfect end.” 
Daniel C. Tomas
As I said in the last post - the grass is always greener on the other side...
But the thing is, I don't write about bad things, about how angry or sad I can be, I don't write about problems I'm dragging from home or issues I can't solve no matter how hard I try, how tiring this job can be sometimes, how lonely you can feel, I don't write about bad experiences we have in the air or on ground, don't let me even start talking about men and relationships :)
Simply because I don't see a point in sharing those with a whole world, there's already enough bad news out there so I focus only on the good stuff (even though I've been told I could be more positive person :p)
Who would want to read about all of the above anyway? :) I wouldn't :)


I'm not saying my life isn't great, it's not perfect either (nothing is...), just don't want you to think I don't cry, feel down (when I do I just go and read your comments hehehe), have bad days or problems, and want to let you know that everything is possible, some dreams and wishes do come true...its all on you!
“Keep your best wishes, close to your heart and watch what happens” 
― Tony DeLiso

Answer me this - are you healthy?
Do you have a family that cares about you no matter what?
Do you have friends that know you, love you and support you?
Do you have your favorite place on earth where you go and everything suddenly feels better?
Do you enjoy your job?
Do you have that special someone who can kiss you and squeeze you whenever you want it?
Do you have your favorite book, song, movie you can read, listen or watch 100 times and still love it the same?
Are you financially independent?
Do you have food on your table, drinking water, roof over your head, a warm bed to lay in every night, a teddy bear to hug?
Do you have nice happy memories you gladly remember now and then?
Do you have the opportunity to learn?
Do you have anything to be proud of?
Do you know what you want in your life, trying make it happen?


My life is not measured in all those sunny exotic destinations I go to, or the clothes I'm buying, or the clubs I go out to, or the money I receive, or the pictures I'm letting you see here :)
It is measured in all the answers on the questions you just asked yourself reading them, plus all these things as well, they are just a cherry on top.

It's all in the small things that make you smile and happy, in the memories you make along the way, experiences you have, everything you learn, people you meet who leave any impact on you, feelings you are fortunate to feel...
Little things in life matter! :D - I just love this book! Take a look ;)
“Nothing is permanently perfect. But there are perfect moments and the will to choose what will bring about more perfect moments.” 
― Mary Balogh, Simply Perfect

Anyone can have it, anyone can make it for himself you just have to go out there and make it happen, things don't just fall in your lap (or if they do they don't stay long) without any effort ;)
If you are not as happy as you could be try open that small window of opportunity because no one should settle down for anything less than butterflies! :)

Maybe I'm the crazy and naive one here, maybe I expect things to be fairytales, maybe I dream too much and romanticize everything, but I do stand with my two feet on the ground and I know the difference between reality and pink clouds we all fly on sometimes :)

Don't really have a conclusion on this one just wanted to share my thoughts with you :) (and write as much I can) ;)
Or maybe I do have one - only YOU can make your life good, better, great, perfect!

Have to go study now, keep your fingers crossed we pass the exams so we don't have to go back to college again :)
And to answer one more question - these exams consist in the same things we did first 6 weeks of training, just repeating it, refreshing your memory, updating your knowledge about all the safety, security, medical craziness that can happen up there :)

Post about Lisbon is coming soon, need time to deal with all those million pictures I have
first :)
Kisses and hugs!!!



  1. awesome post, very deep! but you must know that despite all the other problems, you have a luxurious life that a lot of us will never have.

    1. i do realize that, but i started with this life thinking the same, and it just happened :)
      but anyway, i am happy to bring it closer to you or anyone else who don't have the same opportunity so you can enjoy with me through this blog... thank you for reading and expressing your opinions!

      xx from dubai, at the moment :)


  2. Loved the post but I am indeed very excited for the Lisbon one, and in my opinion I would really like you to write a post about bad things that happen. I want to apply to Emirates but I wanna know all the insights, and people need to realise that even if you receive alot of money or get to travel to alot of countries, theres always bad things. Nothing is lasting nor perfect!
    Love your blog Tea, you are the best! Keep writing and doing once in a while this kind of posts, I love them! xo from Canada

    1. I know, but think about what can happen if i start writing about bad things, this blog is not anonymous :) ao, i'll keep those stories for some day when i decide to quit hehe
      even funny things can be interpreted wrong or misunderstood...
      and another thing is that all the negative experiences you forget as soon as you take off that uniform and talk to your friend about it, finish, done, bye bye, out of my head! :D
      xo to canada!

    2. p.s. thanx for reading and if you don't know i opened fan page on facebook so check it out ;)

  3. Hugs and kisses for you too Tea! What an inspirational post, i enjoyed it a lot! keep writing and i love your blog
    xxxx from spain

    1. I enjoy when you enjoy it :D
      xx from dubai at the moment :)


  4. you need to post more! love your blog to death :b
    kisses from portugal

    1. oh hun, i wish i can, but i just don't have that much time for every post to have pictures and lots of text without grammar mistakes or at least a little bit :))
      thank you for reading <3


  5. i looooove your blog and this post was so inspirational! i love your personality, way of leading thing, very mature and beautiful
    kisses from india

    1. Thank you for this, i really appreciate it...
      xx from dubai :)


  6. beautiful post........ as always! :b
    keep posting frequently i love it!
    kisses from spain

  7. Beautiful post! <3 Love your blog! Hope you do a day in a life of an Emirates flight attendant, and I see it has been requested by others before! Please continue writing, as I am thoroughly enjoying it!! Have you been to Sydney yet?

  8. That is my hometown, and it is a wonderful city, and I hope you get a chance to visit it one day! Greetings from New Zealand! :) <3

    1. Hey New zealand :)
      No i haven't been to sydney yet, but have every intention to go! :)
      Day of a cabin crew is in my mind for quite some time now but it's hard to write it down, will try for sure and will be posted one day soon ;)


  9. Love your blog! :) Are you currently flying on the A380? Have you been A380 trained? On average, how many destinations do you visit a month? Hi, from Sinapore! <3

    1. Thank you... No, i wasn't trained for 380, we were one of the last batches trained for 'main fleet', boeing and all the rest airbuses we have :)
      I visit, as layover visit, around 5 destinations (fe this month), sometimes more, sometimes less, depends on the amount of turnarounds I get :D