16 March 2012

Almost done!

Stressful first week after receiving my GC (golden call)!
We have received an email regarding what to do before you leave... Accept the contract online, fill in the joiner's form, and do the medicals - print out, fill in and upload declaration of health form, appendix 2, appendix 3 (vaccination), appendix 4 (dental), hepatitis b test, HIV test, VDRL test, heart&lungs xray...

...and above all that get a new passport and ID card!

The worst part for me, myself and I comes on Monday = vaccinations = needles!!! Why oh why is that so scary??? Maybe if I get drunk before I'l survive :)))

I won't bother you with all the details. If you had your FI (final interview) then you just have to stay in contact with your, hopefully, soon to be colleagues and friends and go step by step together in discovering all the infos!
It's not hard, it doesn't have to be expensive and every step of the way is written on your candidate portal - read it carefully

A little bit of stress is allowed :) ...after all, for the most of us, this is the first time experience of going out of the country for work, and it's for at least 3 years! 
Wow, when I say it out loud like this, I mean write it down like this :) I get so excited!!! 

After uploading the last piece of paper we wait for approval that we have passed these pre-employment medicals... That's when I'm starting to prepare...which means start making lists! :)) <3

After all, for MY sweet dreams, I just wanna say something, or better yet show you...no words necessary... :D


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  1. I have a little suggestion - during the vaccination think about that last photo!!! I bet it will work :D