11 March 2012

...when a wish comes true...

A promise is a promise, and I've promised myself that I would start writing a blog if I get the job as a cabin crew member for Emirates airlines...aaaand today I've received my GOLDEN CALL - Congratulations you have been accepted...Can you join us on May 13th? Yes ofcourse I can, why do you even have to ask that? :D

The best thing about this news is that today is my 25th birthday, so it's like - Happy B'day to ME! :) 
Best birthday present ever!

This is me, just so you know! ;) (and my bday gift ofcourse) :D

I decided to start writing about everything that will come along the way of this three years long journey ahead of me, from the beggining, about the experience, places I will fly to, people, food, about my life from now on. And ofcourse about the life and the people that I will leave behind for some time, about family and friends and their big love and support they give me all the time. 
Well, I will write about everything as you can see :)

This was my very first virtual 'Dear Diary...' post and I hope some of you will like it because you'll find it interesting and helpfull if you want to become a part of this cabin crew. Some of you might just like the photos I will put here, and some of you will maybe read it just because I'm so funny and irresistible :))) 

...a few photos just to remind myself where am I going soon...

Have a good night, 'till next time :*

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  1. awww... very nice post... can you take me with you? ;) I am so adorable and tiny, you can put me in your pocket, I won't mind ;)