22 March 2012

How it all started :)

Hello everyone!

I just realized I haven't said, excuse me, wrote a word about these open days we had a month ago in Zagreb...

February 18th, Arcotel hotel, Zagreb, Croatia, 9:00 am, cca 250 people waiting.

We came in to a conference room and there were our recruitment officers waiting for us, Iva and Ruba (I'm not sure how to spell her name :) )
They started a presentation, talked about the company, the job, showing us videos, answering our questions. After only a few minutes I knew that was it! That's what I want!

After the presentation, we all had to show them we are able to reach 2,12m, gave them our CV-s and pictures, talked to them for a minute or two and that was it!
They said they will call us in the afternoon if we have passed into the next stage.

18:00 pm - Iva called me to tell me they would like to see me again tomorrow! :))) 
Same place, same time, and ofcourse same dress code - bussines attire (day 1 - pants are allowed for the ladies, day 2 - wear a skirt!). 
So SUIT UP ladies and gentlemen :D
February 19th - Assessment Day (AD) = 75 people came. We were divided into small groups and we had to complete the tasks they gave us. My group for example, had to draw a map of the world, after which was a group discussion about 5 criterias we thought an applicant for the job as a hotel recepcionist should have.
All that time Iva and Ruba were walking around, taking notes, listening and questioning us.

TEAM WORK people! You have to show them that you can be a part of one. Show them you act, talk, listen and work as a team.

When that was over we had to go outside, wait for them to decide who gets a 'congatulations' letter saying:
''Ref No- x.
Thank You for your time and interest in Emirates airline and for attending today's programme. Congratulations, You have been successful through to the next stage of the Screening and Assessment Centre. 
Best regards, Cabin Crew recruitment.''

33 of us received it, others received 'unfortunately' letter.

The next stage was an english test. Nothing difficult, writing an essay, conecting synonyms etc...

Again, elemination process - 28 of us passed through the Final Interview (FI)! :D

I had mine 10 days later, had to bring a whole bunch of paperwork they asked for, a few pictures and a CV ofcourse. The interview lasted for about 40 minutes. She asked me about my previous jobs and all kind of situations regarding work I have find myself into.Lots of questions, lots of details. It all went great and I was really proud of myself :))

Waiting period after the FI is 4 to 6 weeks, but I have received my GC (Golden call) only 12 days later, right on my birthday on March 11th (as I wrote before) :)

DOJ = Date Of Joining - May 13th 

I had 2 weeks to complete my medicals and to upload the documents on the portal. Now comes the waiting period, counting days, and keeping our fingers crossed for the ones who haven't received their GC yet! :))

52 days left until Dubai! :D

Have a good night dear readers :*


  1. 52 days... it goes so fast!!! In my case - :( in your case - oh yeah!! :)

  2. a i meni ces falit :) detaljne informacije ońćekujem :*

  3. Wow you´re lucky girl, only 12 days waiting for a GC!!! that is incredible!!! I just ran into your blog and I love it, read it almost everything! the pics are stunning!!! xoxo love from Brazil