28 March 2012

Been there done that :)

Good day my lovely unknown readers and well known friends :*

I've been looking through some old/new photos the other day, reorganizing folders and trying to find the best ones to share with you from my previous journeys...
So here you go, enjoy :)

28.09.2006. - 04.10.2006.
In Lella Baya hotel you feel like you're in Aladdin movie :)
Fascinating ruins of Carthage leaves you speechless.
And in this small town of Sidi Bou Said (little white houses with blue doors and windows) they make great coffee and mint tea, just relax and take it easy :)

28.09.2007. - 05.10.2007.
In Oia you can see the most beautiful sunset in the World...
Go for a swim on a Red, White or Black beach, try amazing cakes in Oia, watch the sunset, get drunk in one of the many great clubs in Fira :) , take a boat trip to a nearby volcano, eat local food and drink their tasty vine, rent a car and go discover this wonderful island by yourself, you'll love it!

21.02.2008. - 24.02.2008.
Sacher cake - best one EVER!
Schonbrunn Palace makes you wanna go back in time and take a walk down its halls and chambers, dance in the ballroom or just sit on the grass in those beautiful gardens surrounding the Palace...

15.03.2008. - 23.03.2008.
Feels like you're a few thousand years back in history - call me Nefertiti :D
Ofcourse you must visit the Pyramids and the Sfing!
Camel ride is fun, so is safari. You should also try snorkeling in the Ras Mohamed National park or the Blue Hole ;)

22.07.2008. - 05.08.2008.
...a long drive down to Key West, swimming with dolphins and the shopping of my life... :D

- next stop - Disney World Orlando - Magic Kingdom - a dream came true for my inner child! :)


 Downtown Manhattan

From Central Park, Museum of National History, Guggenheim, Upper East side and 5th avenue, Metropolitan museum, Times sq., Trump Tower, Madame Tussaud, Empire State Building, Grand Central station, Madison Square Garden, Rockefeller Center, NY Public library, Broadway, SOHO, Little Italy...to the Brooklyn Bridge, Wall street, Chrysler building, Statue of Liberty, New Jersey...

...take a train to Washington D.C., don't miss it if you're already there!

 The White House, National Mall, Jefferson Memorial, Air and Space Museum (among all the other Smithsonian museums), Capitol Hill , at the end of the day chillaxing in the pool :)

11.03.2011. - 20.03.2011.

Arthur's seat view of the city, Edinbrugh castle in the back, The Scott monument, Meadows, Calton hill, Camera obscura and much more... Amazing place - modern architecture combined with historic one, men in kilts, beer and scotch on every corner! :)
But the weather is terrible :) Maybe it is better to go there in the summer when there's a festival and more sun in the sky :)
However, it has been a great trip and I was delighted by this old town and its beauty...

As long as you're there, you can take a train to Glasgow, hour and a half away...

At the end of every good story you always end up hungry! :D

Now it is time for some new places, people and experiences! :))

Big kiss to you all :*


  1. A ostala sam bez riječi, ljubomorna, impresionirana... 3 u 1 ... Amazing! a nyc ... awwwww :) ne moram ti niš ni reć. :* još ga više želim :D

    1. Bit će! :) a mozda nekad i zajedno budemo letile tamo, a to ce onda bit...ne moram ni govorit :)))

  2. Love your blog! And I envy you so much! Keep up with this blog, so as to keep us company and lift up our spirits until we get our GC one day ^^

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, means a lot that someone is actually reading it :D
      I'll keep up with it, so as you keep up believing and trying untill you do get your GC! Fingers crossed all the time! ;))

  3. next time take me with you, I won't mind ;)

    1. i'm sure you wouldn't, just not if it involves flying in the plain ha?? :))
      btw deal with it ASAP!!! :D
      postcards will do 'till then <3 <3 :*

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