20 May 2012

Week No.1 :)

Hello Dubai, Hello Tomorrow! :)

After saying goodbye to all my dearest friends, parents, brother and sister four of us went on a plane to start a new life far away from home...

First flight was to Munich, where we met three other girls, and the second was a direct flight to Dubai.

After six and a half hours, that we weren't sleeping but observing everything and talking to the crew (who were amazing answering all our questions and showing us around, gave us some small gifts, took a picture of us with a polaroid etc...) we arrived...finally!!! :D
It was 7am and 35C outside already :)) - enough with the cold and rain and snow!

The Marhaba (Welcome) team took us to our appartments and we had a day off.
Great thing is that 2 girls I've met on the plane are my neighbours so we hungthat day, went tu Dubai Mall, had lunch and watched the dancing fountains in front of the Mall and Burj Khalifa (the biggest mall and the highest building in the World! if you don't know what that is...well shame on you and google it! :)- we just enjoyed it so much! :)

Thursday was our 1st day, the so called Induction day, we had to get up at 5a.m. and that was hard as hell :D
People came from all around the World - Portugal, Slovenia, Poland, Mexicom, Panama, USA, Romania, Tunisia, Egypt, Italy, Australia, England...64 people from cca 30 different countries all in one place!!! :O Can you imagine that?! :)
At the evening we went for dinner to the Lebanese restaurant and the food was extremly tasty, YUMMY! :) We sat outside on the balcony, watching at the Fountains again and that was really wonderful...

2nd day of the induction week was all about 'the talk' - accomodation talk, fire talk, medical insurance talk and at the end we had to took a blood test.
I'm so sleepy and tired and I don't know what am I writing about right now so excuse me for all the mistakes :))

Time for the beach, shopping, drinks... Four of us went to Jumeraih park beach and it was soooo hot that I got tanned after just one hour under the umbrella!!! :) After that we headed to the Mall to buy some things like new sim cards, memory card, new bathing suit (and pants, and sweater, and shirt, aaaaand some accessories...shoot me I couldn't help myself) :))) 
So finally, with our bags full we took a cab to the Burj Al Arab - the most famous 7* hotel in the World, as I said before (by now you have to know about it) :)
Ofcourse we did the inevitable photoshooting in front of it and than had some drinks at the 360° bar, met a couple of people and at the end of the day it was A M A Z I N G ! :D

The greatest thing about the diversity here is that most of the people are in the same shoes as you - they came here, far away from home for work and they will all offer to help you, all the questions you have, advices you need, they will even show you around, help you adjust... Specially if they are also the Cabin Crew! All the people we met these past few days, like managers and induction trainers are so nice and approachable, ready to help you in any way they can...

Saturday is our Sunday - weekend here is on Fridays and Saturdays, so today we all had to go to the Juemriah Mosq... It was pretty nice to listen about their religion, 'how does it work', why women walk around all covered up, how many wifes can a man have and stuff like that :) Irish Village was our next stop - lunch ofcourse :)

Tomorrow is the new week ahead of us, and right now I'm going to the pool with the girls, so enough with the talk... :)

........as I was so sleepy, I did fell asleep in the middle of writing this :)) excuse me :))
But today is even better to post this because today's my favourite little Miss M's birthday!!!!!!

HAPPY B'DAY BLONDIE :))) LOVE YOU SO MUCH and I hope the rest of them were good enough to go out with yesterday :p (hehehe, just our little joke)
I'm gonna repeat myself and tell you how much I want you to be happy and healthy, beautiful and fun, young and full of life, and at the end to always celebrate your '23rd' b'day just like these last few years :D :D 
Sending a bunch of sandy kisses to the north, miss you a lot, can't wait for you and others to visit! :*

This was long enough for the first week here, so enjoy the pics, as always :) bon appetit (I'm eating my dinner now, thank you :) ) and sweet dreams for later :*

13 May 2012

The Final Countdown

Less than 24 hours...

Crazy few days... :D
The only thing I was thinking about was how I  have to pack my whole life into a 50kg luggage?! :)
Luckily there were no problems... I did pack a lot, but still under 50kg, so I don't understand women who had packed over 70kg (and much more)!!! (yes there were some)
Make a list if you don't know any other way, take only the things you love the most and remember - you WILL be buying new clothes and shoes and you are NOT moving to another planet!(maybe they think they do) :)

At the end I've packed all those little reminders of home and my Very Important People...my oldest teddy bear, pics, favourite book, grandma's old ring, pearls that my parents bought me...littlest things that make me happy...
Speaking of which... :)

We had a little Goodbye Party yesterday at my place :D 
Lots of food, drinks, cake, good vibrations, a few tears, lots of smiling, singing, hugging, best wishes, presents...
Bestest friends in the whoooooooole wide world, all in one place - AMAZING! I'm so lucky to have them, wherever I go I know they will be there when I come Home (capital H)!
Enough words, I don't want to drown my keyboard in tears :D

Here are some pics from yesterday and some old ones - my friends and family - my support system - my Very Important People - my one and only...

 those tears I've mentioned above :D
 my beautiful brides to be...

 best cake I ever got from Mister M (yes, it's a HE not a SHE) :D
 oh yes, we really love bathtubs :D

 my lovely 'soon to be' roomie :D

 crazy family :))

A hug is worth a thousand words. A friend is worth more!

Have a good night, all of you out there...and wish me a safe flight(s) :D

Love T...