18 October 2013

Work hard play hard!

It is completely unnecessary to write down the name of this place, and it is even more unnecessary to ruin this post with lots of words so I'll just let you enjoy some of my favorite pics from a 3 day layover in...Rio! :)




Part of the city where people don't party all day long... the other side of the coin...

Colors of the World!

Finding home :)


I'm safe up high nothing can touch me...!
It was A - MAZ - ING! :D 


Copacabana beach!

...because we can! :D

Classic Brazil sights :))


This really is one of the MUST SEE places!!!
Fun all around, drinking caipirinhas like water for breakfast lunch and dinner :)) 
Yummy pastries on every corner if you feel hungry (the mission for next time is - try them all) :)
And the most important thing - everyone is chillaxed!
(flight to there and back was beautiful, and you have a chance to meet so many interesting and cool people...)
Keep thinking how I would start speaking portuguese if I have only stayed there a few more days! :D
If you feel like dancing samba or doing sports, feel like being lazy on the beach or feel like sightseeing, maybe buy havaianas (they are cheap!) or extra small bikinis...
Rio has it all!
Had such a great time, felt like a small vacation!
...in 3 days I'll be going there again, but this time hopefully visiting Argentina (Buenos Aires) as well...
Stay tuned! :D 
Beijos :***
p.s. I was, kinda, expecting some cool scenes from Fast and Furious on the streets but this wasn't a movie after all :D

09 October 2013

Things that make me HAPPY!

Here's a small list of things I enjoy in my life...
- Pre-flight play lists! Living alone, without a TV, is very quiet so from the moment I open my eyes in the morning my favorite radio station is on and the music never goes off!

(can't wait for the concert in November!) :)

Preparing for the flight can be very difficult sometimes, you just woke up in the middle of the night after only 3 hours of sleep, or you haven't slept at all before an afternoon flight or on the other hand you had a great night sleep and feel very excited to go wherever you are going at the moment! Anyhow, music is a large part of everything I do so going to work I need something to relax me, mentally, before whatever I may encounter that day…
In our crew buses, on the way to head quarters some people spend their time reading, sleeping, polishing their nails, putting on make-up, talking, texting…I just play one of my favorites and enjoy that 20 minutes before the craziness begins :)
- My phone – equipped with Skye, what'sapp, facetime, facebook…is there a better way to stay in touch with everyone you love? Texts, videos, voice messages, photos, and you don't have to worry you'll miss out on anything that's happening while you're away, either in Dubai or back home! It keeps everything for me in it, even allows me to write and write and write when I don't have a pen and paper with me, keeps me company when I'm alone with the music and all other applications I can play with… :)
- Life in a suitcase – no matter how tiring can it be sometimes, I love it! Love the excitement of going somewhere new, happiness of going somewhere I've already been and liked, love the difference, love the rush, love the craziness (sometimes!), love having friends around the planet, love bag tags, love making plans for layovers, love my days off in between, love having my camera with me all the time, love having babies on board that will hug you and send you kisses, love meeting interesting people on daily basis, love making someones day better if possible, love listening stories, love sleeping while turbulence…

- Freedom – feeling like a bird out of a cage, such a cliche, but it's the only way to describe it! Having a chance to do whatever you wanna do, see the places in every corner on Earth, being on your own, being able to make plans or change them at the last second, different state of mind, wandering the world… Office job? No thank you, not yet, my office is a huge metal tube that takes me miles and miles away and back!

(...and a little bit of pixie dust...)
- Days off – taking some time for yourself! Whether you'll go out or stay in you appreciate every second of it! Cooking, reading, making a bubble bath, watching movies and TV-shows, writing, doing laundry, sun tanning on the pool, skyping, being lazy in Miss A and A's apartment :)

Or going out for a day on the beach, visiting some hotel's pool, walking around the mall, having lunch with the girls, some PMS time shopping or getting fat in Dunkin donuts (or both!), sweating at the gym or on the tennis court, putting on some high heels and go clubbing, traveling some more, going home for a few days… Sometimes you get bored and can't wait for the next flight and sometimes these few days are just not enough :)


- My books – mentioning this for I don't even know how many times, I am a little book worm :) So whenever I go to Dubai mall I visit the biggest book shop there and spend hours inside (feels like hours) finding dozens and dozens of new titles I want to buy and read, but then I remind myself of those 7 new books I haven't even had time to open yet :D

Collecting them for one day when I'll make my own private little library (just next to a walk-in.-closet full of shoes) I go nuts when I see my mom or sister how they leave books around not returning them in their place :)

Anyway, they are one of the ways I just disconnect myself from the outside world and go somewhere else for a few hours, learning so many new things, finding so many beautiful quotes, training my imagination and feeling happy!

- Cooking and writing – more or less the same thing when it comes to expressing myself, just in a different kind of way :)
Kitchen is the place where I can spend hours making food for my friends and family and sitting down with a pen and paper is exactly the same, only difference is that I write for myself and everyone else can see it, and I cook for everyone else but I end up eating the smallest portion :)

Calming my nerves if I'm angry or upset about something, being even more happier if the reason of preparing food or writing is something great!
Did I just compare cooking and writing? Looks like it :)
However, it's a pleasure doing both!


(Don't get me wrong, don't think I'm lying when I say I don't eat much, we all know I do, just not when I spend hours in the kitchen, in that case, I enjoy seeing others liking my cooking more than I enjoy food in my plate) :)

- Souvenirs! – just love love loooove buying souvenirs, not just for me but for everyone! Just like buying presents when I see something and think about a certain person in my life who would like it I just have to buy it. Not every time cause I would go bankrupt but from time to time I come back home with a suitcase full of gifts so they know I think about them everywhere I go:))
Things I buy for myself are small reminders of all the places I've been to and true, they ARE dust collectors but they're gonna decorate my library one day so I don't worry much about dust :)

- Summer in Croatia – no matter how many beaches I have seen so far there's no better place to go for a summer vacation than home! We reaaaally have beautiful coastline and so many people I meet, when I say I'm from Croatia, they say they wanna visit it or they have just been there and it was amazing! Of course it was! :) Normal temperatures, cold clear blue sea, NOT sandy beaches (not a fan of sand!), fresh breeze, amazing food, friends who I know since…for ever is just a simple recipe for good times and great memories!
Even staying in the city has its charm…


- The last but not the least…all those small things that surround us making us smile, making us feel better, cheer us up, remind us of something or someone, the small things we take for granted… They are different for any one of us but they make our life richer, more colorful and happier! :) It can be an old picture hanging on the wall for so long you don't even pay attention to it but you love it right there where it is, without it it wouldn't be the same. It can be a b'day or bon voyage or congratulations card, or maybe a dedication in a book you read from time to time even though you know what it says you just love to remind yourself and read those few words from a special person only for you. It can be piece of a bus or museum ticket you keep in your wallet that reminds you of an old trip you had such a great time at. It can be jewelry you got from a best friends for being their made of honor, or from anyone else, that you like to wear 'cause it reminds you of him or her. It can be a Teddy bear you still sleep with you got it from your dad when you were born. It can be an old key chain your sister bought for you so many years ago when she was still 'a baby' but with her 'own money'. It can be a bag of your favorite baby food a dear friend gave you before another one of your going-back-to-Dubai trips. It can be a watch your mom gave you for X-mas years ago. It can be a beautiful quote someone have sent to you just because it reminded him/her of you. It can be a postcard with a few lovely words that made you happy when you read them because you know someone thinks about you somewhere far away…


What made you happy today? What makes you happy every day? Please, share your happy things with me!
(down there in comments, don't be shy) :)))