15 August 2015

It's me again! :p

Hello hello my pretty travelers! 

I know I haven't been active lately, actually I haven't been writing to you at all! Shame on me :( but here I am again and will definitely try harder! With all the flying around, writing weekly for Index Rouge and chasing my feelings up and down the emotional rollercoaster it's been easier to just...let it be. 
What I realized is that this blog brought me my first followers, here and on Facebook, first 'you go girl' encouraging comments, this blog gave me the opportunity to write articles in my own language for the last 2 years and to help other girls, and boys, to become cabin crew. It brought me some new friendships and most of all - the courage to write and share my stories with the world! <3 Therefore, I promise to write more often ;)

During these last few months I have been everywhere, I've seen countries I wanted to visit since I was a little girl. These last few months were both hectic and boring, emotional and excited, hard and joyful. During that time I grew up a little bit more, decided what I want to do and where I wanna go next! I also learned how important it is to always have a plan B and believe in yourself and while making those plans always put yourself first! Decide what where and how only according to YOUR wishes! As selfish as it sounds it is your life, right? So, that's exactly what I did, or going to do, decision has been made but I'm not gonna reveal all the detail just yet, but soon enough... :)

I still live in Dubai, and it's still hot and sandy, I still work as a cabin crew and I still get a chance ti be left speachless and breathless every once in a while. That's the only constant in a life of a flight attendant :)
Now I wanna share with you a few amazing layover moments from around the world...

OSLO, Norway
After seeing this colorful, winter, Scandinavian sunset I asked myself if I still prefer summer sun?

"Every one of a hundred thousand cities around the world has its own special sunset, and it's worth going there, just once, if only to see the sun go down..."

MOSCOW, Russia
Finally experiencing that 'I'm gonna freeze to death' winter feeling in Russia made my answer to the above question about summer sun much MUCH easier! :) But having fun with the crew made me feel tiny bit warmer. 

"In the midst of winter I found there was, within me, an invincible summer."

Some days you spend enjoying your 'my-time' and still have an unforgettable layover. Different face of China, if I can put it like that, left me hungry for more!

"Traveling is like flirting with life... It's like saying 'I would stay and love you, but I ave to go...'"

CHICAGO, Illinois
One of the most tiring flights E-V-E-R ended up being one of the nicest layovers in one of the American cities I wanna go back to. Soon!

"I love the feeling of exploring a brand new city."

The rest is coming up soon, so many stories to tell and experiences to share so stay tuned hehe ;)
Sending you all kisses from Croatia :*

P.S. Forgive me on possible mistakes, this is the first time I'm uploading a post from my smart phone :))