08 July 2013

4th of July!

Flights that start in a good mood like this one are really rare but when they happen you just know, from the first second it's gonna be a great one!
From the ride to the h.q. with a batch mate of mine who had same interests as me of what to do on this layover (which is coming up a few rows later :), nice passengers and easy 15hours flight across the globe, funny immigration officer who made a joke in front of everyone scaring me with a 'your visa is denied' joke, to the awesome bus driver who looked typically southern, big black man in a white shirt and black tie, sunglasses and a hat, New Orleans blues musician type of a guy who welcomed us and made us comfortable with bottles of water and tips of what to do here on one of their biggest holidays :))

Welcome to Texas ma'am! Love it! :D
Drive to the hotel just made me go down the memory lane from 5 years ago...
All those car sales shops, 'pray for our troops' signs, those small built-in-a-day houses and their backyards, cheap motels along the highway, American flags...
Downtown houston was getting closer.
Quick ride and we were in the hotel at the concierge desk asking about car rentals - had exactly 20minutes before closing so that was the first thing we did, rented a car - two days for a price of one! Good deal, can't complain :))
Now, when you have a car you just can't leave it parked in a garage, tired but extra excited we went for a ride and a little shopping, just to cross it from the 'to do' list :)
Thank God we came right before closing otherwise my card would be in a lot of pain from swiping it :)

Crazy gps lady and senor Diaz on the gas station got us safe there and back for a good night sleep that wasn't really good cause we were so jetlagged, so messed up with the time difference and not sleeping for more than 24hours.
However in the morning after the breakfast we were more than ready to go and shoot something! Was waiting for it for so long and finally I did it! :)
The best part was that I wasn't the only crazy one who had the biggest smile on my face just on the mention of firearms. :))
Maybe some of you don't approve that but I'm all hooked up now and I don't care what everyone else think :p
As the matter of fact I can't wait to do it again :)))

So 4 girls on fire came to the Top Gun shooting range in Beverly Hill Houston to see how good we are, and we were goooood! :D
So, be aware next time you piss off one of us haha!
Using a semi automatic Beretta we 'killed' 4 targets that we took with us later, having 4 'dead bodies' in our trunk feeling dangerous, hahaha, but not as dangerous as an old granny who asked us did we came here because we are celebrating something or instead of a mani-pedi day, she was just bad ass awesome! :)

Driving around the city, ending up at the Williams water wall we had lunch at the Galleria, Cheesecake factory.

Celebration for the 4th of July started at 4pm in the park just near our hotel, Sheryl Crow concert and fireworks were planned so we headed there, to meet up with the rest of our crew and have a good American south style evening :)

For the ones not familiar with the date 4th of July and what Independence day is...commonly known as the Fourth of July, is a federal holiday in the United States commemorating the adoption of the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776, declaring independence from the Kingdom of Great Britain. It is a National day of the United States.

The next morning we just rested, or at least tried to rest before the flight, grocery shopping, laying by the pool, returning our car...and it was already time to go back east...
We had a really great time, good flight, nice people without much of a 'crew conversations' which is always a nice surprise :) as well the people there were all so helpful and warm. Once more I convinced myself how great is customer service in US :)
Now it's time for a short turnaround to Saudi Arabia before my flight home for the next 2 weeks, happily avoiding half of the quiet Ramadan month :)
Keep reading, luv ya! :*