11 January 2013

I heart December...

Is there a better way to start this magical month than to fly back home for a very special occasion? :)

 I'll just let you look through the last month in pictures, as they say a picture is worth a thousand words...
(and a few letters here and there 'cause it's hard for me to 'shut up') :))


...our naughty little bride to be and her lover for the night :)

There's no better thing than a cup (or three) of mulled wine with your friends, some food and snow all around you, falling like it's not gonna stop! :)

Aaaaand the W day has finally arrived! After almost a year of planing and preparing she is ready to become a Mrs...

One magically wonderful winter fairy tale wedding that was...

 Waiting for her hubby :)

"And we were dressed from head to toe in love... the only label that never goes out of style"

 Almost there :)

 Best man and a maid of honor in action :)

 They DID it!!! Now party time :)))

Love is in the air...

Kumeki i kumice :)

Coming back to the desert and packing a suitcase for another layover, this time Glasgow, with a trip to Edinburgh to see if anything has changed from the last time :) some more mulled wine with an old friend and a little bit of Christmas spirit on a Christmas market :)
Definition of December - Christmas and lots of great time everywhere you go!

Winter Wonderland...

Spoiling ourselves for the 7 months anniversary living in Dubai :)
(or just looking for some crazy excuse to enjoy food without feeling guilty hehe)

...and so the Christmas Eve came...my favourite day in the year (except my b'day :) and I'm far away from home, from all the people and traditions that makes it so special for me...

As we were both homesick and needed some Christmas spirit (as much as you can get it on 20 something degrees in the middle of the desert) Miss S and I went to Jumeirah Madinat to find Dubai's X-mas market and again some mulled wine (maybe I should've named this post I heart mulled wine?? And please don't think I'm an alcoholic... only from time to time :p)


Food, drinks, a few friends and of course presents, 'cause there's no Christmas without presents!:) made this day warm and beautiful like it should be...

 My little fake international tree with ornaments from London, Paris, Dubai, Manilla, Frankfurt, Auckland and Zagreb... :)

Some of our Secret Santa presents :D

Free hugs and kisses :) Come under if you want some!

Relaxing day after Christmas, where? On the beach, where else! :p
Preparing for New Years Eve...on the beach as well :)

Welcome to Sandance! :) 
Finally a New Year's celebration like I've always wanted - warm weather on the beach with my girls, great music and even greater fireworks...
Hello 2013... !
Please be good to us, fulfill our secret wishes, bring us more happiness love and joy... 

And I don't want to be ungrateful but could you please open more great destinations, as well teach certain people how to behave in the aircraft :p make us 'hangoverproof' :) give some people more brain rather than looks (or just find a cure for stupidity), make sure that Mars and Venus come a little bit closer, make PMS dissapear, make chocolate and french fries less caloric and... Should I go on or you get the picture? :) 
Not demanding at all right? Hihi :)

xo xo from you know who and you know where :*