30 April 2012

Fabulous Places!

Bucket list part 2 :D

What about the cities, countries and continents I'll be visiting?
Every week something new?
New places, new people, new cultures, new languages, new food, new stamps in the passport, new postcards for my collection :))

Click me and take a look :)
The excitement I'm feeling is literally indescribable! Can't find the words for it...but as they say ''a picture is worth a thousand words''... so enjoy... ;)

Just 13 more days...

Have a good night everyone :*

20 April 2012

Wish list!

Simple as that...a list of things I'd like to do / see / buy / experience...
My very own bucket list, part 1 :D

''The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.''
- Eleanor Roosevelt

- so that's what we are going to do! 


...for my next b'day maybe? :D
50 meters above the ground, 3 course meal in the sunset? Yes please...

...so I could rent...let's say...Maybach cabrio?...take a weekend off in Abu Dhabi with my girls? 
(Sex and the City 2 kinda way)
Who's coming with me?

One pair would be just fine for the beginning :)

Portugese is my number one, then maybe spanish, french, who knows maybe even chinese?! :D

All kinds of different world food! Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French, Italian, Greek, Indian... 
You name it and I'll try it, and maybe even learn how to make it... Eventually :D

(and a Ferrari theme park)


- to witness a childbirth or marriage proposal up in the air :))

9. TENNIS...on the top of the Burj al Arab


...more then words :)

That's all folks (for now)! :)
...and remember...

14 April 2012

Lovely Liebster award in a busy week

....and the Oscar goes to....

Ok, it's not Oscar, but I've got a so called Liebster award this week :)) Received it from my one and only Miss Betty Boop (Little Miss Twiggy):)
This award is given to up and coming blogs, having less then 200 followers...so my baby blog is very proud for receiving it...
Thank you so much dear :*

The thing is... I have to give this award to someone else and list down 5 blogs I love to read, so here they are:

Congrats girls! :)

As I had such a busy week, I haven't write anything down for days, but you can imagine how it goes - get the papers, documents, photos (for US visa, all kinds of identification cards...), have drinks with your friends as much as you can while you're still 'at home', get all the things done before the last minute and so on...

'Till next time... Have a beautiful day and great night :)

Cheers to all of you! ;)

- great Croatian cocktail - Crocktail - enjoy...


05 April 2012

London Calling!

Haven't been there (YET!) but it's the favourite place in the whole wide World for my dear friend Miss T who's birthday is today!!! 
So it's all about her big twenty something day and her dream city :))


I want to wish you ALL THE BEST, yesterday, today, tomorrow, always... To be happy like you deserve, to smile like you always do,no matter what, to stay funny crazy and all other things I love about you... Most of all I want you to enjoy life like you should and to enjoy your b'day trip to London (again!) later this year, more than ever before :))

Here are some pics for Miss T, all of you and for me, to prepare myself when I get there one day :D

B'day girl :)

I'd like to inform you all that I have recieved my Final Approval today!!! :))) So it's 38 days and counting...

Hugs and Kisses :*

04 April 2012

I'll miss...this... :)

I wonder... What are the things You would miss?

Here's a list of mine...

- my window view in the morning, especially in this time of the year, sun is up, birds are singing, everything is so colorful and full of life!

- sitting outside my house with my dog Kala beside me, just chilling in the sun, a little peace and quiet time...

- tuesday evenings with my girls! Our motto could be - We eat, we drink, we gossip and that makes us happy :))

- having lunch with my little crazy family every Sunday :) Especially homemade dishes my Mom and Granny make so perfectly tasty :D (if you haven't noticed already I reallyyyyyyy LOVEEE food) :)))

- driving!!! I'd have to take driving lessons in Dubai to get my new UAE driving licence, but I will! Trust me! :)

- Klenovica! Very very small town, well, village would be more appropriate :) on the coast, where we have a house and go there every summer for vacation. 
Great friends, beautiful and cold sea :) best pizza... It will be the 1st time I won't go there in 25 years :)

- my books... I love reading and buying books. The big plan is to have my own little home library one day :))

- more or less every kind of a party or celebration! Birthday, dinner or graduation parties... 
- bachelorette parties of my two gorgeous brides to be, Miss U and Miss S (soon to be Mrs) :), 
- friday nights out with my little blond Miss M, walks through the city with my Miss T eating icecream, summer concerts with my sister D and Misses M, S & A...

This was top few things in my life that makes me happy! What are yours?

XO XO from Me!